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On Tuesday, The Reporter That Put Fear Into The Establishment Returns

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Published on: January 29, 2018

Investigative Journalist Ben Swann has been largely silent over the past year or so.  For several years, Swann brought cutting edge, hard-hitting reports by exposing the lies of the mainstream media, and his reports during the 2012 elections were some of the most revealing reports by a journalist.

Now, Swann is preparing to relaunch his massively popular brand “Reality Check” on Tuesday, January 30, 2018, and it’s largely, in part, due to the rise of cryptocurrency.

More specifically, the cryptocurrency pushing the new Swann initiative is called Dash coin.

Here’s Ben as he made his announcement last week that he would be launching his new project due to Dash coin.

Dash has become the sole backer of Swann and Reality Check, according to a proposal at

Dash believes that it will gain incredible benefits by sponsoring Swann.

“We have the ability to bring Dash to a vastly larger audience than ever before,” the proposal reads.  “Reality Check episodes dive into subjects that are embraced and heavily recirculated by an enormous and diverse crowd. This crowd comes from widely varying political, social and geographic backgrounds and they range from individuals who have spent a great deal of their own time on research to individuals who are learning about these subjects for the first time, and the subject of cryptocurrency is no exception. The promotion of Dash will fit seamlessly with our reporting: while our audience is diverse, it shares a common passion for disruption in the media as well as a mindset that embraces disruptive technologies like cryptocurrency.”

“We have the advantage of both a huge audience and existing experience in speaking to the public about cryptocurrency,” the proposal continues.  “Using the same footprint that has helped Reality Check and Truth In Media episodes reach hundreds of millions of viewers, we will be able to integrate Dash and crypto within our videos as well as bring those topics to live events at a more intimate level with the public. Our team is ready to pick up where we left off, and we will work closely with Dash to develop and execute a successful Dash branding strategy for events, video and other content.”

According to Joel Venezuela, the Dash treasury will be used to form a long-term and secure partnership.

The Reality Check relaunch proposal ranks as one of the largest to date in Dash’s history. The show previously reached many millions of viewers, and Swann remains confident that similar results will be achievable with the relaunch. Dash will be the sole sponsor of Reality Check during this new iteration, which will include syndicated videos across other networks, as well as physical appearances by Swann and his team at several cryptocurrency and blockchain events and conferences. Additionally, Dash will serve as the sole sponsor of the Truth in Media website, including co-branded merchandise.

The proposal was launched in December over the holidays, and generated a significant amount of buzz and discussion, including a flurry of questions from the community. Included in these questions was a call for assurance that the Dash network had some sort of guarantee that Swann and his team would be able to deliver, especially since Dash’s funding mechanism is purely protocol-level and does not include any traditional assurance of delivery from contractors such as a legal contract. Swann improvised by drawing up a legal contract with the Dash masternode network as signatories, with a successful “yes” vote to be considered a binding signature, in a unique way of forming a business partnership, according to Swann:

“The experience of seeking the funding was stressful, but we actually approached Dash in a way that no one ever has before, including the creation of a digital contract that utilized blockchain transactions as signatures.”

I don’t know about you, but I always enjoyed listening and watching Ben Swann’s reports.  I also appreciated that he was a contributor here as well.

Cryptocurrencies are going to increase.  There is no doubt about that, and yes, I get they are something you certainly should not be putting all your eggs in a basket over, there is a future for cryptocurrencies and it seems that Dash and Swann are going to work to promote the decentralization of currencies controlled by governments.

“It was an intense process to deal with so many people simultaneously but it was also exhilarating to be part of something so groundbreaking,” said Swann.  “To fund a media project entirely with crypto demonstrates the power of this currency goes far beyond just financial… it is changing power structures in many industries.”

Swann also took time for an interview on BitNation.  Take a listen.

We wish Ben and Dash the best in their endeavor and hope to be bringing you many of his reports.

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