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Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out Her Own Party’s “Dark” Tactics Of Calling Everyone Who Disagrees A “Racist” (Video)

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Published on: November 10, 2021

There is a common tactic among a certain faction on the left in which anyone who disagrees with them is somehow deemed a racist, or anti-black, or anti-(insert the darling of the day). The problem has gotten so bad that the left has even taken to calling Black people who do not share their ideologies, white supremacists. Don’t take my word for it, just ask the LA Times, who called Larry Elder, a Black politician, the “face of white supremacy.”

But it doesn’t end there. When Winsome Sears became the first woman and woman of color to win the seat as Virginia’s lieutenant governor, she was lambasted by the establishment liberal media as a racist. You cannot make this up.

Immediately after her historic win, MSNBC had on an ‘academic’ who said, “[Winsome Sears] is a black mouth moving, but a white idea…running on the runway of the tongue of a figure who justifies and legitimates the white supremacist practices.…To have a black face speaking in behalf of a white supremacist legacy is nothing new.”

Of course there is no truth to what these race baiters are saying but it doesn’t matter. This narrative is repeated over and over again, ad nauseum, until people begin believing it. The propaganda got so thick that a white woman wearing a gorilla mask attacked Larry Elder and the left media essentially apologized for it. Had Elder been any Black person on the left or even a random Black person on the side of the road, rest assured that we would have heard about this attack non-stop — but we did not — and therein lies the problem.

This tactic by team woke to deem everyone with whom they disagree, a racist, homophobe, or misogynist, is little more than an act of dehumanization. What’s more, it serves as a smoke screen to real disparity we see through the enforcement of the drug war and predatory policing. Donning a gorilla mask and attacking a Black politician is a hateful act but which is somehow justified in the eyes of the attacker and her supporters so long as that Black politician has been dehumanized.

Instead of having conversations and debating various political ideologies in a peaceful setting, anyone who disagrees with the established woke elite is dismissed, dehumanized, slandered, and cancelled. Discourse and free thought be damned.

It’s gotten to the point where Tulsi Gabbard, a former Congresswoman and progressive Democrat, has stepped up and has spoken out. Tulsi is no stranger to the lies and vitriol from her own party as she experienced it first hand when running for the Democratic candidate for president and was quickly written off — with zero proof — that she was a Russian asset and Assad sympathizer.

Earlier this week, Gabbard went on FOX News to discuss this rampant campaign of dehumanization and her words should serve as a guide book to those who wish to continue sewing the seeds of hatred and dehumanization.

“We are all brothers and sisters, we’re all connected. And I come to you with respect, and love and care,” Gabbard told Steve Hilton. “And that’s really what it comes down to, everyone wants to be happy. And so it’s no wonder that we find ourselves in a place where we are miserable and we are stressed out and frustrated when it seems like everywhere we turn we see politicians, social media, mainstream media, fomenting fear and anger, hatred, divisiveness, racializing, everything.”

Hilton agreed with Gabbard’s stance and aptly noted that politics is about disagreement, not dehumanization of one’s political opponent. He then brought up Rep. Cori Bush’s recent rant about Joe Manchin, calling him “anti-black, anti-child, anti-woman, anti-immigrant” over a political disagreement.

“It really just shows again, that this is a symptom of a deeper, a lack of a spiritual foundation,” Gabbard said, “where if you’re not able to see someone, regardless of party politics, regardless of your position, whether you agree or disagree, if you’re not able to see another person, as a child of God, as someone that you can respect at that fundamental level, as a fellow American, then this is where we see all of this darkness coming from.”

“And so it’s no wonder as you were talking about the results in Virginia, that people chose to respond positively towards that message of hope, and optimism for our future, that message of coming together. That message of care and respect for all people,” Gabbard said. “And this is again, this is where, this is where I find hope for our future. If we go back to those fundamental values and principles of who we really are, then this is how we can come together.”

Indeed. Tactics of dehumanizing political enemies and stoking hatred toward them are rooted in extremely dark places throughout history. Sadly, those who continue use such tools are ignoring that history and inadvertently trying to repeat it. This goes for both the right and the left as the right is certainly not innocent in this debacle.

As Aaron Rodgers recently stated after this mob attacked and dehumanized him, “I hope we can take a step back and quit lying, quit with the witch hunt and the canceling and realize this is a conversation to be had not a controversy. Let’s move this forward with some love and connection, that’s what we need in this world. Let’s communicate instead of canceling someone or silencing someone. That gets us nowhere.”

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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