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Turkish Government Prepares To Release Muslim Butchers Who Made Video Dissecting Three Christians Alive For Hours

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Published on: July 25, 2017

Ten years ago, Christian missionary Tilmann Geske and two other Turkish Christians were tortured to death by Muslims in ways almost beyond description. Over a dozen Muslims, five of whom were later convicted and now serving life in prison for their crimes, came to the three Christians pretending to want to learn about the Bible. Once the Bible study began, they tied up the men and spent the next three hours slowly dissecting them part-by-part while they were still alive before finally stabbing them and slicing their throats. Tilmann was stabbed 156 times, one of the other converts 99 times, and the other was stabbed so many times his body was unrecognizable. When the Muslims were arrested, they showed no remorse and bragged they did their crimes to please Allah and support “the Motherland.”

Now ten years later, after these men ADMITTED and BRAGGED about their crimes, the Turkish government is looking at releasing them because of “legal inconsistencies” according to a recent report:

Christians in Turkey say they need prayers as a court is reviewing sentences handed down last year over the killing of three Christian missionaries in eastern Turkey in April 2007.

German missionary Tilmann Geske and Turkish converts Necati Aydin and Uğur Yüksel were repeatedly stabbed and had their throats cut when they were attacked at a Christian ‘Zirve Publishing House’ in Malatya.

Last week a court in the western city of Gaziantep upheld life sentences given in September 2016 to five perpetrators linked to the murders but it also expressed doubts over other verdicts in the case, trial observers said.

The court reportedly claimed that prison sentences for retired Chief of Staff Colonel Mehmet Ulger and Major Haydar Yesil were based “on legal inconsistencies” and need re-examination.

Christians said the two officers were apparently involved in the planning and preparation of the murders along with others set free for an alleged lack of evidence. (source)

This report is a warning to all Christians and reflects what we have been talking about for a LONG time- that Turkey is looking to revive its imperial past and all of the hatred it has for Christ and His Church. Working with Germany, the “Turkish menace” as she was called in old is resurrecting her empire from its grave (which is also unnatural, as empires that pass away do NOT revive, at least naturally). By working the Germany and Japan, she will once again pour out terror over the earth.

For this reason, as we have been warning, Christians who live in the Middle East, especially in Turkey, should make as many provisions as possible to LEAVE quickly if they want to live. What Turkey is doing by even merely toying with the idea of releasing these murderers from their prison cells is an open admission that they do not see what they did to these Christians as a crime because of the fact that those men were Christians. The Turk does not want forgiveness because he never sees himself as ever having committed any sins because, in true Islamic fashion, the nation denies the humanity of non-Muslims and treats them as such, simply daring to do what many would not but is still permitted under Islamic law.

Article posted with permission from Shoebat.  Article by Andrew Bieszad

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