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Turkish President Erdogan Gains Complete Control of Military and Media

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Published on: July 26, 2016

Turkey’s President was challenged in a July 15th coup attempt. Since then, there have been arrests and several allegations floated concerning who was behind it and why. The largest benefactor has been President Erdogan himself. His grip on the country has tightened, and he has managed to gain complete control of the military and the media.

This grip became tighter today.

Fox reports:

Turkey on Monday issued warrants for the detention of 42 journalists suspected of links to the alleged organizers of a failed military uprising, intensifying concerns that a sweeping crackdown on alleged coup plotters could target media for any news coverage critical of the government.

While the Turkish government said it is investigating the journalists for possible criminal conduct rather than their reporting, critics warned that a state of emergency imposed after the July 15 coup attempt poses a threat to freedom of expression.

This heightens the fear that the media is being completely silenced. In a country where the media is government media, this is saying a lot. As I reported, this would be the perfect way to bring all of the country to heel.

If you wanted a reason to destroy your opposition, silence uncooperative reporters and frighten everyone else, this would be a perfect way. With a quick and decisive victory over the orchestrated coup, you would then have public backing for strict and persistent action against these enemies.

And this seems to be the most immediate effect of this coup. The people behind the coup managed to give their target more and farther reaching power. Turkey may be the next great Islamist state to contend with.

Article reposted with permission

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