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Turkish President Erdogan Threatens to “Open Border Gates” for Muslims to Invade Europe

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Published on: November 25, 2016

President Erdogan opened the gates which led to the Muslim invasion of Europe and it the disastrous yet predictable consequences. So now he is threatening the final deathstroke, the coup de maitre. Not surprising from the wanna-be caliph. What  is surprising is that despite declining poll numbers and mounting criticism of her traitorous stance on the Muslim migration at home, Angela Merkel has offered to speed up Turkey’s application for EU membership in return for stopping the flow of refugees across its borders.  It’s blackmail, and Merkel is paying it — in spades. Turkey has been the gateway for Muslim migrants into Europe. Turkey could have, and should have stopped it — instead, they are holding Europe ransom for EU membership, which will be the final nail in Europe’s coffin. And continue to do so.

Merkel has said that in return Germany could help accelerate visa-free travel for Turkish citizens wanting to visit the EU. Stopping short of an offer to welcome Turkey into the EU, she pledged to push forward Ankara’s EU membership talks.” …… more here.

Understand what this means. Turkey has been agitating to join the EU for some time. Should Turkey join the EU, it would be the first predominately Muslim country ever to join the European Union. It would make it an Islamic entity.

Turkey is not a European country. Ninety-seven percent of its territory lies in Asia. And Turkey is far too big for the EU to absorb. With a population predicted to reach 91 million by 2050, it will be the dominant member of the EU. Goodbye, European culture, which is an inevitability of the Muslim invasion as it is.

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Turkey is responsible for a large majority of the Muslim migrants invading Europe.


President Erdogan warns he will open border gates, let migrants leave if EU continues threatening Turkey
By Associated Press, November 25, 2016:

ISTANBUL —resident Erdogan warns he will open border gates, let migrants leave if EU continues threatening Turkey.

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller.

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