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Twisted Logic & A Warped Sense Of Reality: Relying On Man’s Reasoning

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Published on: June 22, 2020

America is a mess and it is not going to get better any time soon. Years of public-school indoctrination controlled by cultural Marxists has created generations of young people who have no idea how to discover truth. A constant bombardment of propaganda discrediting American history, and the principles of liberty and natural law, have left America’s youth lost and seething in twisted reasoning. American society has come to be viewed from the lens of critical theory, which teaches people to criticize culture for the purpose of affecting change. The biggest problem is, they have been lied to about the nature of American culture and what it means to be free; therefore, they have no real understanding of what they are changing or, what they are changing it to. The rioting, protesting and discontent is all based on a lie that America is a racist country and that white people have an institutional privilege that keeps minorities systematically oppressed. This is twisted and convoluted reasoning when you consider the origins of racism. America was founded on Christian principles but has taken a sharp left turn away from God and has lost her way. Science and the reliance on man’s own reasoning and pursuit of knowledge has left us spiraling out of control with a distorted view of reality.

We have reached a point in America where the traditional view of Christianity, and an absolute morality has come to be viewed as oppressive and intolerant. The cultural left has been positioning their beliefs as morally superior as they use words like accepting and tolerant to describe their views. They justify the shouting down and humiliating of their political opponents based on the misguided notion that their worldview is morally superior, and that Christians somehow pose a threat to humanity (Crisis in Civility, p. 170). We see this playing out every day as leftist protestors gather in defiance of civil society, shouting down and attempting to silence their political opponents. The Russian collusion hoax, the Kavanaugh sexual allegation circus and now the riots are all justified actions against their political opponents in the minds of the left because they are acting on the premise that Christian morality or the idea of an absolute morality is oppressive and in the words of Hillary Clinton, deplorable.

The debate comes down to the idea of an absolute morality vs. moral relativism. Those subscribing to the moral relativist view generally believe that life is without absolute meaning, and concepts of right and wrong vary from person to person or by culture. There is no superior world worldview, and all cultures and beliefs are morally equivalent. This idea could arguably be said to originate from relying on man’s own reasoning. It is absurd ̶ and a belief that the left, while propagating it, obviously does not adhere to. They are pushing the idea that moral relativism ̶ because it is allegedly morally neutral, is superior.

Rhetorician Francis Bacon said that a reliance on man’s own philosophical classification systems would inevitably lead to twisted reasoning and distorted views of reality. Believing that there is no truth is certainly twisted reasoning. Making the argument that truth is non-existent leaves one running in circles because at some point, the statement ̶ “there is no truth,” would have to be accepted as reality; therefore, it would have to be true. The assumption that there is no absolute moral standard to which we should hold ourselves to also falls short because the reliance on man’s reasoning and morally relativist positions have led to the mass slaughter of millions. Communist nations, founded on atheistic and Darwinist doctrines reasoned that men were no more significant than a chimpanzee; therefore, the logic that followed justified the elimination of those that did not conform to the idea that men should place the state as their highest authority and not God. While this is an atrocious reality of communism, the act itself is based on a misguided, twisted notion that the morality of no morality is somehow superior as the mass murder was justified because men were not living up to the moral standard of what they considered superior virtue.

Humanist philosophy also teaches that men can reason on their own and do not need the crutch of religion to make morally sound decisions. Fredrick Edwords argued that “the moral and political implications of humanist thought are “subject to the continual revision in light of both the fallible and tentative nature of our knowledge and constant shifts in social conditions.” What he is arguing, in a sense is the idea of virtue ethics. That morality constantly shifts from situation to situation.

Virtue ethics is currently one of three major approaches in normative ethics. It may, initially, be identified as the one that emphasizes the virtues, or moral character, in contrast to the approach which emphasizes duties or rules (deontology) or that which emphasizes the consequences of actions (consequentialism).

This explains the attitude of the political left perfectly. The approach they take attempting to discredit the American, or Christian worldviews is morally justified because the beliefs we adhere to are intolerable. Edwords says that the basis of humanist thought is “subject to continual revision in light of both the fallible and tentative nature of our knowledge and constant shifts in social conditions.” That essentially means that whatever direction society goes in, their ethics shift and morals change to justify their positions whereas the Christian worldview remains firmly rooted in the word of God. They admit that their knowledge is fallible, yet they refuse to consider why that is so.

The left can attach labels like racism to almost any situation because they have no absolute standard which defines their principles. They can define and re-define words as they see fit to push their agenda because they are not rooted in a truth that is absolute, but one that is relative to whatever they need it to be. People often wonder why the left cannot be held accountable for anything they say or do. They cannot be portrayed as hypocritical because they have no principle. Take Joe Biden for instance. He recently said that black people were not black if they voted for Trump and not him. This statement, in the eyes of the right, showed the real racism that exists in the Democrat party. It reflects the efforts to keep black Americans in a state of victimhood and dependent on the Democrat party. The mentality can be traced back to Lyndon Johnson when he said “I’ll have those n**gers voting democrat for the next two hundred years.” That is the real state of racism in America. The belief that certain demographics are not as capable and are kept on welfare rolls in exchange for votes. Through twisted reasoning and godless rhetoric, the Democrat party has convinced America that the opposite is true. Believing black Americans do not need welfare programs like affirmative action is now considered racism.

Today, American’s watch in astonishment as groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa burn down, and in some cases, take over cities under the justification that they are fighting oppression. Twisted logic based on the belief that man can reason without the crutch of religious morality has led to a warped worldview where man defines what is right or wrong. Years of propaganda has created an irreversible conviction in the minds of our youth that America represents racism, fascism, and greed. They believe that they are fighting to free America from the exploitations of capitalist America when in fact, the only people being exploited are the ones doing the deeds of the Democrat party. The only people who think Black Lives do not matter are those encouraging them to riot.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

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