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Two Farming Experts Predict Massive American Food Shortages

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Published on: January 20, 2016

Cliff Harris has been making accurate predictions about farming and food trends for over 40 years. Ed Petrowski has been farming the fields of Pratt, Kansas, for decades. I had both men on my show this past Sunday night to present to the world a farmer’s perspective on what is happening with our food supply.

One of the more stunning trends that both men pointed out was the fact that over 15% of American farmers will leave the business this year because of extreme government intrusion. They both said that there will be an extreme food shortage, as a result. In fact, they both said there would be a food crisis in the United States anyway. And, as Cliff Harris, a climatologist, pointed out, there would be a food shortage anyway due to extreme weather changes.

This was a one-hour interview, where I probably did not say 100 words. I wanted the listening public to listen to two prominent men in field of farming about what is really happening to the American food supply, instead of reading the lies contained in various government reports.

Listen to this stunning interview by clicking here.

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