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UK gets Tough on Illegal Immigration

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Published on: August 26, 2015

E-Verify should be a part of any effort to get our problem with runaway illegal alien immigration under control. E-Verify is a way of electronically checking to see if someone has a valid Social Security number, and it can be done in a matter of seconds. It’s not foolproof, of course – what is? – but it is better than anything else out there.

We should use E-Verify for everything. If an individual wants a job, the employer should be required to use E-Verify to make sure the individual applying for the job has the legal right to be in the United States.

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I will be the first to say that in a perfect world every employer should have the right to expect that anybody who shows up looking for work is a legally eligible employee. Employers should not be expected to serve as ICE agents. But until we get a double-layer security fence along our entire southern border and choke off the flood of alien trespassers, it will, alas, be necessary to ask employers to do their part.

Anytime an individual has contact with a government agency for any form of welfare, including food stamps and subsidized housing, E-Verify should be used to ensure that the individual applying for welfare is legally entitled to resources provided by American taxpayers.

This includes medical care at an emergency room. And once that care has been delivered, the individual can be reported to immigration authorities so that our immigration laws can be enforced.

E-Verify should be used in connection with school enrollment. While courts have irresponsibly ruled that children here illegally must be provided an education at taxpayer expense, immigration authorities can be notified if an illegal alien seeks to enroll his child in a public school.

Alabama passed a law incorporating some of these common-sense immigration standards in 2011, and illegal aliens left the state overnight in large numbers. Classrooms emptied out and jobs for American citizens opened up immediately. (One slaughterhouse had Americans lined up around the block to apply for jobs previously held by illegals.) Even the Washington Post, in a piece designed to slam Alabama’s supposedly draconian law, admitted that the vast majority of the illegal aliens who left the state never came back.

The UK is finally starting to crack down on the huge problem they have with illegal immigration. The entire EU has created an enormous problem for itself on the immigration front because, once illegals get to Europe, they can go anywhere they want. And they all want to go to England or Germany to cash in on their generous welfare programs.

Here are some key excerpts from a piece in today’s London Telegraph (emphasis mine):

Illegal immigrants will face six months in jail if they come to work in the UK and late-night takeaways and taxi firms will be closed if they employ them, ministers will announce..

[T]he Government will create a new offence of illegal working which will come with a prison sentence of up to six months as well as an unlimited fine.

The authorities will also be able to seize wages as “proceeds of crime…”

As part of the new measures, off-licences, curry houses, Chinese restaurants and other takeaway firms will face closure if they are found to be employing illegal workers…

Mr Brokenshire said: “Anyone who thinks the UK is a soft touch should be in no doubt – if you are here illegally, we will take action to stop you from working, renting a flat, opening a bank account or driving a car.”

He added: “Through our new Immigration Bill, illegal workers will face the prospect of a prison term and rogue employers could have their businesses closed, have their licences removed, or face prosecution if they continue to flout the law.”

The decision to impose prison sentences on illegal immigrants is a major shift in Government policy and shows the level of concern in Downing Street about the influx of foreigners coming to the UK…

He (PM David Cameron) announced plans to allow the police to seize wages from foreign workers and said that they would face deportation without appeal if they are in the UK illegally…

Under the new rules, any employer suspected of flouting immigration laws could see their business closed for up to 48 hours while they prove right to work checks have been conducted on staff.

The worst offenders would then be placed under special measures and could face long-term closure.

Bottom line: if, out of sheer desperation, even the incorrigibly liberal United Kingdom can crack down on alien trespassing, the United States can too.

(Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Radio.)

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