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UK Preacher on Trial for Preaching the Gospel on Street – Labeled “Homophobic” & “Islamophobic”

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Published on: March 14, 2015

As our society has followed their own wisdom and strayed from God’s, we should not be surprised that our laws become more and more hostile to Christianity. It also should be pointed out that we are just a few years behind the Europeans. What happens there is soon adopted here. Whether right or wrong, moral or immoral, we, like younger siblings, imitate Europe. So it will help us as Christians to look across the Atlantic to see what is coming. The view is getting worse for the Church and especially her preachers.

Christian News reports:

A street preacher in the UK who is charged with making “homophobic” and “Islamophobic” remarks has just completed a two-day trial and awaits a verdict on whether or not biblical speech about the issues is considered a crime in the country.

Now, this man was not charged because he was bashing sodomites publicly. It almost seems that he was targeted.

Mike Overd, a street preacher for five years, is accused of speaking against homosexuality and Islam last June and July on two separate occasions. He is now facing two charges of using threatening and abusive words and a charge of causing racially or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress under the Public Order Act.

What this means is that he was seeking to cause hate or alarm against a certain group or religious organization to such an extent as to cause people to harm them. But Mike was not doing anything like that. Rather, he was just preaching the gospel to those on the street. In fact, there is evidence that the police were seeking to incite an incident.

A police officer had appeared on local television last fall to urge residents to record Overd’s speech as it had been reported that he was causing offense.

“I’d advise people that if they’re offended to record any incident on their mobile phone and send it to us,” Sgt. Neil Kimmins told reporters.

“It’s clear that this officer is determined to stop me preaching the gospel, which is a terrible attack on freedom of speech,” Overd said following the incident. “I find it extraordinary that the police are trying to make it illegal to preach the gospel in the streets of our country, simply because the gospel at times confronts the sinner.”

We have to understand that this kind of thing is going to be more and more common in the world and even here in America. They are seeking to silence us with “law” while still claiming that we have freedom of speech. But there is no way that you can have freedom of speech, and be restricted as to what we can speak about. Yet, this is the case in the UK.

According to the Somerset County Gazette, the officer then advised Overd that he has freedom of speech, but may not offend others.

This then would exempt the gospel as a public topic. Without the offense of sin, there is no need for propitiation or redemption. No propitiation or redemption, no cross. No cross, no gospel. This is the end game.

We have to stop playing around as if these people just do not understand. They understand it better than even the Church it seems. The wicked hate God and His people. They hate the gospel. And if trends politically and socially do not change, they will be using more aggressive and violent ways to silence Christians.

We must speak while we still can. Pray for Mike Overd. Pray that he stands strong and that God blesses his efforts to spread the gospel, even if it is in prison.


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