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UK Woman Arrested For Debunking CONvid Narrative By Filming Empty Hospital Speaks Out (Video)

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Published on: January 4, 2021

On Saturday’s The Sons of Liberty radio show, I spoke about a UK woman who documented the lies of the ruling class’ official narrative regarding CONvid-1984 by going to the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and showing everyone that they were being lied to about how busy and full the hospitals were.  She was arrested for filming there on suspicion of an order for filming in a hospital… no doubt, with no one in it!

“Following a number of reports in relation to a video filmed by a member of the public at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and posted online, officers arrested a 46-year-old woman yesterday on suspicion of a public order offence,” Gloucestershire Police said in a statement Wednesday to Gloucestershire Live.

“The woman has been bailed to return to police on 21 January, with conditions that she cannot enter any NHS premises or the grounds of any such premises, unless in the case of an emergency or to attend a pre-arranged NHS appointment,” the statement added.

With that said, Debbie Hicks recounts what all took place as she speaks out about the tyranny and lies of the UK government and media.

Take a listen.

Here’s Debbie’s video.

Here’s the video of her arrest that she posted to Facebook.

Hicks wrote on December 29, 2020:

Hi everyone- I was held in custody and cells today in Gloucester until 11:30pm for a public disorder offence for sharing an online video of an empty Gloucester Royal Hospital.
My husband opened the door to them wanting to question me , I was in my nightgown with nothing underneath (I was in bed) when the thug of an officer tried to drag me off under arrest as he aggressively arrested me and twisted my hands behind my back in handcuffs. (hands swelled up and have marks all over them- I had to keep demanding medical attention – that they refused- I had to keep on). After me complaining at being dragged to the station undressed, he gave me me 3 minutes to get dressed while waiting outside my bedroom door.
I was held and released without charge as I could not arrange appropriate legal advice and they tried to interview me but I refused to answer any questions- they have issued bail that I can’t enter any hospitals and that I return for an interview within 28 days ( I refused to sign the bail conditions without legal advice as I didn’t understand).
Wake up world- how utterly Orwellian and nazi to go through this for sharing a video of an empty hospital -all because it was shared over 80k times. They can’t have the truth out there, can they?
This officer barged into my home, at xmas, and arrested me when I wasn’t dressed in front of my family.
They’re now claiming they have to watch my house as I am at risk because ‘my address and name has been released online.’ 77th brigade lies here folks- to try and stop me being active.
The truth is very dangerous for the new world order.
Share, share, share. Truth matters.

However, it’s not just Debbie, or Richie From Boston in the US, but Stand Up X out of the UK has demonstrated the hoax that is being perpetrated on the people there.

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