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UN Continues to Put its Nose Where it doesn’t belong: Claims they are concerned about Police in US

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Published on: November 29, 2014

If there is one international organization that has demonstrated itself to be totally inept, incompetent, and failing in its stated mission, it is the United Nations – a true oxymoron for there is nothing united about the nations on this earth. In Geneva, Switzerland, the UN anti-torture panel has expressed “deep concern” about what the panel described as “the high incidences of police brutality and shootings – especially against African-Americans” – in the United States. The UN Committee Against Torture has been “troubled” by what they term “harsh” prison conditions and interrogation methods used on detainees.

While the “committee” focused on the declassification of interrogation methods used by the US at its Guantanamo Bay facility, they also voiced “concern” over reported police violence in Chicago, “especially at African-American and Latino young people.” Their deep concern was the “frequent and recurrent police shootings or fatal pursuit of unarmed black individuals.” Committee member Alessio Bruni recommended that “all instances of police brutality and excessive use of force by law enforcement officers are investigated promptly, effectively and impartially by an independent mechanism with no institutional or hierarchical connection between the investigators and the alleged perpetrators.”

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One might as well read, “The United States needs to surrender its sovereignty to the UN so we can bring in our investigators and people to change what we don’t like about your political system.”

And, it should not surprise anyone that the parents of Michael Brown testified before the committee in Geneva, Switzerland. No doubt their trip was paid for by some civil rights activists or human rights group. Where were Dillon Taylor’s parents? Their son was shot and killed by a police officer in the line of duty; however, this incident didn’t fit the criteria of a white police officer killing a black kid. The agenda of this so-called committee is as plain as the nose on your face.

The UN committee voice additional concern over “excessive use of force by law enforcement officials against immigrants and LGBT individuals, about racial profiling and about the growing militarization of policing activities.” With this issuance of “concern,” the committee hit almost every minority. Does anyone else find it disturbing the UN would be so concerned about the happenings in the United States – real or imagined? For the UN to describe “illegal alien invaders” as immigrants demonstrates their lack of understanding of our immigration laws and our sovereignty as a nation, along with our system of government.

Granted, the militarization of our police forces has become a concern in our nation; but, it is our responsibility as a self-governing nation to address this issue – not the UN. In fact, as a self-governing nation, every internal issue regarding the people of this nation is an issue of the people and this nation, not the UN. The UN has no authority to interfere in internal, sovereign issues of a nation, especially the United States. And, the United Nations has no authority to declare incidents in this nation or any other as “racial.”

The UN committee voiced additional concern over the number of deaths it described as high among inmates in custody of US jails. In 2012, 958 inmates died while in custody in American jails – up 8 percent from 2010 – and called on the US to investigate these deaths promptly. One wonders if this “committee” is looking at all the data or just the numbers. One has to wonder how many of these UN committee members have ever worked in a prison, jail or detention center in the United States. It’s probably none.

Speaking from experience working as a nurse in one state’s penal system, inmates are not subjected to “brutal, inhumane” treatment or conditions. Many of the world’s nations subject their incarcerated population to horrid conditions that rarely merit one word from the United Nations. Does the treatment of Miriam Ibrahim ring a bell? What about the American marine who languished in the horrors of a Mexican prison? Where is the UN on the treatment of inmates held in Mexican jails or prison or prisons of Muslim nations?

Those incarcerated in federal and state prison across the United States receive medical care as the majority of inmates are not serving life sentences and will return to life outside the prison walls. Inmates in the US serving life sentences will usually end up dying while incarcerated. Those who are incarcerated with terminal illnesses or chronic health conditions that render them unable to remain in a general population setting are sent to special facilities to receive more intense medical care and comfort care. Some of these inmates will die from their chronic conditions just as those outside the penal system.

Every penal system in the United States has extensive investigative procedures when an inmate dies while incarcerated or in custody and that process starts immediately upon the death of the inmate.

Inmates in prisons of some nations should be so lucky.

Bruni also commented that 22 – 23 hours of solitary confinement of individuals is unacceptable. Mr. Bruni needs to work in the penal system for a while as he would discover there are some inmates, besides juveniles, disabled inmates, breast-feeding and pregnant women, that cannot be housed with the general population due to their violent, explosive nature or gang tendencies that can erupt the entire population into a riotous out-of-control mob. The “solitary” confinement is not only for the safety of the one confined, but for the safety of the general inmate population and system staff as well.

It seems the United Nations has much to say in regards to the United States and its internal sovereign state, local and national issues whereas this farce of an organization remains silent as genocide is committed by a roaming barbarous group of international thugs that threatens sovereign nations, prison conditions in other nations are atrocious and the treatment of those inmates are grossly inhumane. Let’s not forget the corruption of many foreign nations’ “government” police forces who engage in gross criminal activity and whom the people are fearful.

This “pseudo” organization relays false information regarding climate change/global warming to exact an agenda against industrial nations – mainly freedom-loving industrial nations. This body pushes the agenda to eradicate individual property rights and other freedoms while expanding the “rights of governments” under Agenda 21. This excuse for a cooperative body of nations is moving to “dictate” to the individuals of the world how they should live, what they should have and how much of it. The United Nations has decided it is not appropriate for individuals to receive materials based on their skill, hard-work, determination or management of their own resources – individuals are not capable of such. No, a group of “appointed” individuals has taken it upon themselves by virtue of their position to declare themselves as a better judge of that.

How far the United Nations has come. Originally created to precipitate cooperation “between” nations to prevent additional world wars, the United Nations has “expanded” its own authority, condoned by every nation on earth, to examining, scrutinizing and criticizing nations’ internal struggles that is up to the individual nation to resolve. Its hypocrisy knows no bounds as those who sit on certain committees are the grossest violators of human rights around. This organization has failed considerably to foster cooperation between nations as it condones member nations who violate many of the atrocities they claim to abhor.

It is not up to the United Nations to designate to a sovereign nation who is an immigrant, a refugee, or an invader. Those classifications are to be left to each individual nation through their immigration and naturalization laws. It is not up to the United Nations to “dictate” to any nation how that nation’s government should operate, what laws that nation should or should not have and enforce, and meddle in the internal sovereign governments of nations, the individual states of the United States or territories of nations. It is not up to the United Nations to strip individuals, regardless of nationality, of their inherent, God-given, unalienable rights for any reason. But, one only has to look at the member nations of the United Nations to see that the majority of nations abhor the self-evident truths.

Granted, there have been no world wars since World War II, but anyone would be hard pressed to credit that accomplishment to the United Nations. Does any nation’s government actually believe that this body could prevent another war between nations should hostilities escalate to that degree? Do individuals in the world’s nation actually think that is possible? This “body” can’t do anything except try to eradicate the sovereignty of nations. If nations are intent on war, those nations are going to fight, regardless of any mediation effort or what is agreed to through the United Nations.

The United Nations, a self-aggrandizing body brought into existence by Franklin Delano Roosevelt to possibly position nations under a one world government, has encroached enough on the sovereign governments and nations of the world. This “unelected” body of individuals from nations around the world has done nothing to justify its existence as the world is no better off since their creation than before it. In fact, some might say it’s worse. It is long overdue for the United Nations to be served with a pink slip and each individual sent packing back to their nation of origin.

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