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Unapologetic Muslim Prof Denounces ‘Dirty Jewish Zionist Thugs’

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Published on: August 14, 2015

Political blogger Pamela Geller, American Freedom Defense Initiative’s Houston-based founder, speaks at the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest, which is sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, in Garland, Texas May 3, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Stone

“Unapologetic Muslim Prof Denounces ‘Dirty Jewish Zionist Thugs’,

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By Pamela Geller, Bretibart News, August 12, 2015

Kaukab Siddique, an associate professor of English at Lincoln University in Oxford, Pennsylvania, has called me and other defenders of free speech “dirty Jewish Zionist thugs” – and of course, he refuses to retract. On the contrary, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports Kaukab Siddique spewed, “I would say it again.”

Such ideological rhetoric and hatred has been normed by a sharia-adherent culture, and most particularly by leftist academia. Islamic Jew-hatred has become mainstream under the guise of “Palestinianism,” when it is actually nothing less than a recrudescence of Nazism.

Reporter Susan Snyder validates this vile professor’s hatred in the Philadelphia Inquirer when she describes me as “anti-Muslim.” I am not anti-Muslim, I am anti-jihad. But if she described me that way, people would think, “What’s wrong with that”? Snyder goes on in her article to use the radical, far-left fringe group the Southern Poverty Law Center to smear me even more. Mind you, all this is in an article about a Muslim professor at an American university calling Jews, and me in particular, “dirty Jewish Zionist thugs.” Snyder works hard to norm this depravity. She did not, of course, bother to contact me for comment.

Snyder writes that Siddique “doesn’t regret” calling us “dirty Jewish Zionist thugs,” and quotes his defiance: “I would say it again.” Siddique says that my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, in holding our free speech event in Garland, Texas, that was attacked by Islamic jihadists, was committing “cultural genocide.” He added: “She did the worst, other than killing us.” 

In calling our free speech event in Garland “cultural genocide,” Professor Siddique reveals how truly insidious his agenda really is. Standing for free speech against violent intimidation is “cultural genocide”? Snyder passes on this ridiculous claim without remarking upon it. What Siddique is saying is that violating Islam’s blasphemy laws is tantamount to mass murder — and the only alternative is that we submit and accept those blasphemy laws.

Clearly, Snyder has no idea what is at stake when she runs interference for this monster. She apparently doesn’t realize that she and her fellow journalistic shills will have to toe the Islamic supremacist line, too — or else. She is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist: she ought to know better.

I am not Siddique’s only target. Snyder quotes Siddique saying that “one reason Bill Cosby’s accusers did not come forward sooner could be that ‘many women are sluts’ and opposed a ‘homo uprising.'”

This, too, Snyder passes on without comment. Imagine if a Republican or a Jew said, “many women are sluts.” Snyder would take to the front page of the Philly Inquirer calling for their heads.

Siddique even says: “If you can’t talk and you can’t express yourself at a university, then you can’t express yourself anywhere.”

Snyder does not see the irony is this? Siddique calls our defense of free speech “cultural genocide,” when in fact, sharia is cultural genocide. Islamic history is built upon cultural annihilations, jihad wars, and enslavements.

Undeterred, Siddique goes on to deny the Holocaust: “Were there ovens?…If you study the pictures of Auschwitz, there are no ovens there.” This poisonous Holocaust denier is teaching our children.

How did we get here? The silence of reasoned, the rational. The silence of everyone who stood silent when they came after us, fearing they’d be labeled “Islamophobes” and “racists” by Jew-haters and radicals. Even worse were those who, like Donald Trump, came out against us and sided with these savages.

Snyder makes sure to include a defense of Siddique’s keeping his position at Lincoln University: “As unpalatable as some of these remarks may seem, professors have the right to speak about public matters without fear of repercussion, said Gregory F. Scholtz, of the American Association of University Professors.”

Leftist hypocrisy. Where are the conservative voices on campus? The pro-Israel voices? There is a silent and understood ban on such voices. On the extraordinarily rare occasion my colleagues and I are given an opportunity to speak, madness ensues (here and here).

Worst of all, back in May, when ISIS first issued its fatwa calling for me to be murdered, Siddique wrote on Facebook:

Very cleverly, the corporate media are trying to present the Texas situation as ISIS vs. Geller. The Prophet Muhammmad [sic], pbuh, is the, [sic] leader of the ENTIRE UMMAH, not just of ISIS. Two of ISIS gave their lives for the honor of the Prophet, pbuh. We can’t do that, but the law of this land gives us the right to speak out. ISNA, ICNA and CAIR think you can simply ignore blasphemy. Millions embraced Islam because of Malcolm. Imagine what America’s oppressed people think of us when we don’t speak even when our greatest sanctity is violated? Muslims, we are waiting for Allah’s wrath to descend on us.

Notice how he doesn’t condemn ISIS. He says that ISIS is part of the umma, in arguing that the entire umma should be trying to kill me, not just ISIS. Siddique is, like ISIS, trying to enforce sharia blasphemy laws by force, trying to intimidate the West into silence in the face of the jihad threat. That is the entire reason why I held the event in Garland: to show that at least some people in the free world were not going to submit to violent intimidation, but were going to stand up for free speech, which is a cornerstone of any free society. Siddique fears this freedom and all free discussion and debate, for it would lead people away from his narrow and violent belief system. He wants to blot free speech out by means of violence, just as all of sharia is enforced by violence: stonings, amputations, etc.

And this man is a professor at an American university.


Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

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