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Unbelievable Matrix-like Move by Motorcyclist as he Slams into Car that Pulls in Front of Him

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Published on: August 20, 2014

A truly incredible feat occurred in Russia, in which a car pulled in front of a motorcyclist as both were traveling down the road and what happened next will not only take your breath, but making you want to rewind and see if it is real or not.

Apparently, in Russia dashcams are all the rage, much like they are becoming in the United States. For one, they protect drivers from each other in case of an accident and more to the point, as we have seen recently, they are to protect drivers from government and police.

You’ll notice that apparently there is a couple driving down the road and they are listening to music as the car in the parallel lane begins to move over in front of them, the motorcyclist comes into the picture, slamming into the back of the car.

The motorcyclist turns a flip in mid-air, then lands feet first on the roof of the car he hit!

Upon first glance, I wondered how that was even possible, considering the fact that the momentum the rider was moving at should have continued to push him forward, even though he landed on his feet.

While the motorcyclist survived, apparently unharmed, the same could not be said for his bike, which appeared to be seriously damaged.

By the reaction of the couple, whose dashcam caught the entire event, they were just as surprised as anyone watching.

I can tell you, as one that was involved in a motorcycle accident in 1990, which involved an 18-wheeler, people just don’t stop like that without something or someone stopping them.

Could this have been divine intervention? Was the video somehow manipulated? Perhaps the motorcyclist was bitten the previous day by a super spider, which gave him these incredible abilities. Eh, probably not.

Some of the commenters expressed their disbelief:

“How come the vehicle brakes hard & rider remains on roof then steps to the ground after vehicle stops ? ……cleverly shopped ! Phony ! False !”

“Fake? Is it even possible on a braking car is standing, to stay?”

While others found points of the video humorous:

“Lands it Right when the beat drops too!”

Another commenter hit the nail on the head, as far as I’m concerned:

“As soon as I saw the Russian title and the dash cam thumbnail I knew that this video would be crazy.”

Last year, I witnessed a pretty incredible motorcycle ride down the streets of Russia on an insane motorcyclist. It’s not as amazing as this video, but it’s definitely intense. Check it out.

In any case, pull this up on the big screen and be prepared to be amazed.

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