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Uncle Scam’s Racism Sham and the Media’s Flim-Flam

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Published on: March 11, 2019

In World War II there were posters with Uncle Sam pointing his finger saying “Uncle Sam wants you to join the U.S. Army. Now, Uncle Sam just points his finger and screams “you racist sexist, bigot, homophobe. If you remember the parable about the boy who cried wolf, you will understand why Uncle Sam is now being called Uncle Scam.

Our government has been using racism to grab power for well over a century and they are still at it. As I mentioned in a previous article the government’s court went so far as to claim black people were not human and then allowed them to be treated as property by protecting the slave industry that was making so many people so much money. Today in New York the government allows more black babies to be killed by doctors than black babies that are allowed to be born. Our government even pays for the murders of many of these babies. Apparently, if it makes someone a lot of money, they will claim it is not racism.

The problem is people continue to trust government and think the ones causing the problem will somehow solve the problem. Black people were not the only ones mistreated by the government or the citizens of this county. Irish, Germans, and the Japanese have been singled out and hated because of their race. Many people have been hated in this county. Even our own military members were hated by some of the people during the Vietnam era.

I grew up in small town USA where most of the people looked like the same race. This was not because we wanted it that way it was just because it was that way. People like to make accusations, but growing up in a small town you learn that there are a lot of things beyond your control. You learn to work with what your life is, and not obsess with what you want. You can cut a field of hay and even though no rain was forecasted it can rain on your hay. If someone of different race or color moved nearby all we cared about is if they were nice people. In our world, the meaning of the word “nice” was polite and honest. In our world, you may find yourself milking your neighbor’s cows because he broke his leg and you did not want him to lose his farm since he could not milk cows with a broken leg. As long as I knew what to do with his cows he did not care what color I was. That is how it was where I lived.

My first exposure to racism was when I was in the Army. There were people whose skin was black and did not like that my skin was white. My drill sergeant explained to me that these men came from the inner city and that they probably did not like him either since he grew up in the suburbs. So even though my drill sergeant had black skin, we tended to have the same world view because of how we were raised. I just did my job and did not let it bother me. It seemed to me that their hatred was hurting them more than me so I just tried to ignore them. Eventually, we all learned to work together because our drill sergeant made our lives so miserable that we had to learn to work together. I think that is what he had in mind.

Over the years I had many different friends from many different places. I never referred to someone as my black friend because I would not refer to someone as my white friend. Some of these friends I got to see a while back because we were attending the funeral of another friend of ours. All of us had been in the military together, even though it had been about thirty years since we had been together it was still like we where brothers. We were more concerned that our friend in the casket had shot himself in the head, than what his skin color was. It never entered our minds that the man inside the casket had white skin or that there were men with black skin standing around the casket. All that mattered to us was our friend had suffered so much that he did not want to live anymore, and so he made sure he didn’t.

Thirty years ago I considered the man in the casket one of my best friends. When you know for sure that even though you have different skin color, you all bleed red, you do not waste your time with petty bickering. That is my view of racism. A lot of people are complaining about something that really is not important. If the people constantly complaining about racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes spent some of their time working as an Ambulance Crew, they may learn that they do not have much to complain about. They may realize that they have a pretty good life compared to other people and hopefully stop their complaining. My friend had a good life. For some reason, the times in that life that were not good eventually made it so he could not see the good and could only remember the bad. My belief is if you had to go through the things he did you deserve a good life. I realize that is easier said than done, however when those things try to fight their way into my thoughts, I tell myself I will not make myself continue to suffer, and I try to think of something else. As I said I know it is easier said than done.

My point is I realize that a lot of dumb people say a lot of dumb things. The media and the government constantly talking about hate speech is more of a problem than a solution. Congress spent endless hours on hate crimes and is endlessly complaining about racists, sexists, bigots, and homophobes, and yet the Veterans’ Administration continues to have poor health care. Large numbers of veterans take their own life every day and the government and the media are more concerned if someone is an anti-Semite, or if some man can put a dress on and force my wife to share a bathroom with him.

The media and the government are constantly telling us what to say, what to do, and how we should think. However, that same government cannot provide decent health care for the veterans they promised they would care for. Why should a government so incompetent that they cannot provide healthcare for the veterans be able to tell anyone how to think?

I think the real reason the media and the government continue to obsess with the thought crimes is to distract us from all their failures. If we continue to fight amongst ourselves we overlook all the things the government makes worse, not better.  It is unfortunate that people cannot figure that out. Until we do, we get the government we tolerate.

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