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Understanding this Strategy will Help Conservatives Defeat Liberals Every Time

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Published on: November 11, 2014

Yes, Republicans won the election, which has made conservatives happy, but liberals will be back with a vengeance, redoubling their efforts. The key for conservatives is learning how to win every time. Every time? Yes, there is a way to do that.

Since the people of the lie (liberals) don’t believe in God, they have no qualms about lying to destroy the people of truth (conservatives). The left’s ultimate goal is to attain political power to control us.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Liberals are masters of accusation without proof. They know how to twist language to intimidate and put their opponents on the defensive. They tried to bully and put Republicans on the defensive in the last elections with false allegations of racism.

And they’re still doing it.

Charles Rangel (D-NY) is doubling down on accusations he made before the elections, alleging that Republicans from the South believe in slavery. When questioned about his ridiculous assertions, Rangel repeated the lie that conservatives are racist and have a “racial superiority” disease.

The left knows they’re lying, but when we respond to their bait, we give up our power to them. The purpose of their false attacks is to get conservatives to react – get us angry and on the defensive.

The people of the lie have an innate understanding of human weakness, and they know that most people resent injustice. Therefore, cunning, liberal Democrats like Rangel falsely attack innocent white Republicans as “racists” to make them react and become fearful of doing anything to oppose Obama or lawless, liberal blacks.

Conservatives should be winning more elections. After all, hard-core leftists are a relatively small minority. According to Gallup, only 23 percent of Americans identify as liberals, compared to 38 percent who identify as conservatives. But liberals win disproportionate to their numbers because they’ve mastered this one key tactic.

Through accusations, they control the language and the debate – i.e.: whites are racists; they want to keep blacks “enslaved” and take away their voting rights. Then we respond, so everything we say is a defense against the accusation. We make a truthful statement and then water it down by explaining that we’re really not racists.

The mainstream media are largely sympathetic to the left, and they continue to lead with the divisive race narrative. Look at how they’re dealing with the election of Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and Mia Love (R-UT). They play up their race rather than talking about their qualifications.

On CNN’s “@This Hour,” co-hosts John Berman and Michaela Pereira spoke with Mia Love after her victory and quickly turned a congratulatory interview into, “What took so long (for Republicans to elect a black congresswoman), and what do you think needs to happen for more minorities to be elected by the Republican Party?”

Love’s response was refreshing. She said her constituents are “not interested in dividing Americans based on race or gender. They want to make sure that they are electing people who are honest and who have integrity.” Right on!

When conservatives play into the left’s trap by adopting their language and referring to blacks as “the first African-American” elected to this office or the first woman to do this and that, they make a huge mistake.

Liberals like to play up the race or gender of people because they want to keep us divided and weak, instead of united and strong.

At the conclusion of the Mia Love interview, CNN host John Berman asked, “What’s the first area where you think you can work with Democrats to get things done?”

My response – Obama’s posture toward the GOP has been: I won. You lost. Deal with it. Who in the media challenged him on that? Conservatives don’t have to play on liberal terms. It’s time to make them compromise and work with us.

Liberals have conditioned most white Republicans with words for so long that it’s difficult for them to discuss race issues without a qualifying remark stating that they’re not racist for what they’re about to say. Even black conservatives go out of their way to say, “There’s still some racism,” trying to blunt the accusations of “sellout” and “Uncle Tom.”

Yet, liberals never offer a qualifying statement when they make accusations. They make all sorts of false indictments and get away with it.

People of truth need to reverse this situation, which will result in victory. How? By refusing to adopt their divisive language and most importantly – overcoming anger.

Once conservatives become angry over false accusations, we feel a sense of guilt. In that state, we feel like we have to justify ourselves. If we let the anger go, we will stay with the truth that keeps us rational and wins the argument. Then, the situation switches, and they react with anger and go on the defensive!

Understanding this strategy and turning it against them will produce and guarantee a lasting victory – every single time. And if they happen to see the error of their ways, that’s even better. We’ve just gained another ally in the fight for truth!


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