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Understanding Why Obama Hates Israel – and Those Pesky Jews, Too

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Published on: March 12, 2015

While the March 2 Washington Examiner piece entitled “Obama’s blind hostility toward Israel” was accurate and informative, it only addressed instances of Barack Hussein Obama’s antipathy with regard to Israel. Although proposing that Israel return to its indefensible pre-1967 borders, fighting efforts to impose sanctions on Iran, and repeatedly disrespecting and insulting Israel’s Prime Minister are manifestations of these malignant sympathies, they do not speak to the causes and conditions for said sympathies.

Indeed, the Obama administration, while perennially assuring Israel and the world that the U.S. “has Israel’s back,” has consistently advanced policies in the Middle East that have threatened and degraded not only Israel’s security, but our relationship with her. The instances in which the administration has overtly disrespected America’s traditional allies are legion, but the snubs, insults, and calumnies reserved for Israel and its representatives by the White House have demonstrated a singular disdain for the Jewish state.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent visit to the U.S. and address to Congress was something of an object lesson vis-à-vis Obama’s – I believe “simmering distaste” may be more accurate than “blind hostility” – for Israel. Electing to avoid Netanyahu during his visit essentially made Obama’s petulance as much of a news story as the visit itself, which was widely regarded as a courageous and historic gesture.

The vapid ambivalence that congressional Democrats displayed with regard to Netanyahu’s speech (some boycotted the event) and Obama’s attempts to minimize it after the fact only speak to their innate juvenile propensities.

As an aside: We are also apparently expected to believe that former Obama campaign workers who are now on the ground in Israel, drumming up support for Netanyahu’s opposition in Israel’s upcoming election, are not working for Obama. Equally disturbing is the fact that nobody in the press is asking, whereas they would have been all over it 40 years ago.

George Orwell must have broken the sound barrier spinning in his grave by now…

Anyway – back to the aforementioned causes and conditions for the attitude of Obama and his appointees toward Israel: I believe that getting these out in the open would go a long way toward illustrating how amoral, racist, and despicable their sympathies are, and how calculated their actions have actually been. Apprised of this, the American people (particularly those of Jewish extraction who habitually support Democrats) would have a much sounder basis upon which to act with regard to their personal conclusions and political support.

As I said in a recent column:

The secret is that Obama and nearly all in his employ despise America and the entire model of Western society. This includes democratic republicanism, capitalism, as well as Judeo-Christian principles and values. A large measure of their antipathy is also due to the fact that they consider this paradigm an Anglo-European (white) paradigm.

Obama and his ilk are an amalgam of radicals in the ‘Sixties mold, whether Marxist-Leninists, Maoists, Structural Marxists, black and Latino nationalists, Marxist feminists, Nation of Islam, or Sunni Muslim Islamists. All of these groups are intensely hateful… So the sentiments of a Barack Obama (or an Eric Holder, Van Jones, etc.) will always lie with the Islamists, who they perceive as having been exploited and oppressed by the Anglo-European capitalist colonialist Judeo-Christian leviathan.

As modern Westerners in the cultural sense, Jews have been just as much guilty benefactors of the West’s exploitations of the Third World as Europeans and Americans. In the tradition of Soviet communists and German National Socialists (Nazis), this strain of political ideology perceives the Jewish people as a societal infection of sorts, a sentient plague of avaricious, opportunistic vermin that always seeks to undermine the preeminent political system or ethnic group to its own benefit.

This is one of the reasons that the Obama administration helped to install and is supporting a blatantly anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine, and why the truth about that government’s ideology is being stifled by the American press.

It is considered sacrilege and treason by the political left to say so of course, but the similarities between the modus operandi of Hitler’s Nazis and the Obama White House cannot be understated.

Does President Obama buy into the moral relativism and naïve, dangerous liberal view that Iran has as much right to possess a nuclear arsenal as any other nation that has amassed one, “just because,” or is his hatred for Israel sufficient that he would actually like to see Iran rain nuclear warheads upon the Jewish state? Gee – we were hoping they wouldn’t do that once they got the nukes. Oops – we were wrong again…

In the case of Obama, we must also consider not only the lifelong, deep affinity he plainly has for Muslims and his view of the historical and current enmity between Jews and Muslims, but the Islamic religious dogma that unequivocally maintains that Jews are inherently evil and to be despised, their teachings repeatedly calling for and eagerly anticipating the destruction of Jews wherever they are found.

It is the same archaic code that has Sunni Muslims waging a 7th-Century-style jihad across the Middle East, and Shiite imams in Iran clamoring to get nuclear weapons so that they may touch off their version of Armageddon (which they believe will hasten the arrival of the Madhi or 12th Imam, who will cleanse the world of all infidels and rule according to the will of Allah).

Oh, yes – and annihilate Israel in the process.


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