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United Nations Calls Israel World’s Worst Violator of Women’s Rights!

Ah, the United Nations of Hypocrisy.

The sanctimonious, hypocritical and corrupt leaders at the United Nations are at it once again. This time the outrage comes from the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), who closed their annual meetings on Friday by condemning only one nation for the abuse of women’s rights.

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That’s right, the UN CSW believes that Israel is the nation most indeed of rebuking for their treatment of women. Specifically, the allegation is that Israel has grossly violated the rights and humanity of Palestinian women through their conflict with the Palestinian people. The 2015 CSW resolution on Israel will actually say the same things it does every year, “the Israeli occupation remains the major obstacle for Palestinian women with regard to their advancement, self-reliance and integration in the development of their society…”

What this wholly ridiculous resolution fails to take into account is the state and standing of women in every other Muslim nation on our planet. Muslim women are treated as second class citizens across the Muslim world, whether in a “western” Muslim nation like Turkey, or in a repressive Muslim society like Afghanistan. If the UN truly believes that it is Israel that is holding Palestinian women back – then they are fools.

To find fault with Israel, but not some of these other Muslim nations is completely ridiculous.

Not Syria. Where government forces routinely employ rape and other sexual violence and torture against women as a tactic of war. Where in 2014 the Assad regime starved, tortured and killed at least 24,000 civilians, and three million people – mostly women and children – are refugees.

Not Saudi Arabia. Where women are physically punished if not wearing compulsory clothing, are almost entirely excluded from political life, cannot drive, cannot travel without a male relative, receive half the inheritance of their brothers, and where their testimony counts for half that of a man’s.

Not Sudan.  Where domestic violence is not prohibited.  There is no minimum age for “consensual” sex.  The legal age of marriage for girls is ten. 88% of women under 50 have undergone female genital mutilation. And women are denied equal rights in marriage, inheritance and divorce.

Not Iran. Where every woman who registered as a presidential candidate in the last election was disqualified.  “Adultery” is punishable by death by stoning.  Women who fight back against rapists and kill their attackers are executed. The constitution bars female judges. And women must obtain the consent of their husbands to work outside the home.

Things are no better in Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Qatar, Iraq and Pakistan and various other nations. (Even in some nations that are not run by Islamic regimes but are terrorized by radical Islam – like Nigeria and South Sudan — women are in constant danger from these radical Islamists.)

It’s not just Muslim nations either. In North Korea, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and elsewhere there are various other nations whose government rules, regulations and philosophies are a “major obstacle for women with regard to their advancement, self-reliance and integration in the development of their society…” Yet, the UN CSW makes no mention of these nations… only Israel.

The CSW is a farce. It’s a laughingstock. It’s a complete waste of time, energy and valuable resources that could actually be used for good. Most importantly though, the CSW is a perfect piece of evidence, among the many other examples, that the United Nations itself is also a joke.

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