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Did the United Nations Just Issue a Veiled Threat to Humanity?

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Published on: January 8, 2015

If there aren’t enough conspiracy theories floating around already, the latest U.N. Dispatch just kicked things up a notch.

While flipping through television stations, I ran across a concert called “Global Citizen.” This particular concert took place in 2012 in New York City’s Central Park, with over 60,000 people in attendance and millions more watching around the world. I have to admit I had never heard of it. It was a disturbing concert where dozens of shady “New World Order” organizations were committing hundreds of millions of dollars to (supposedly) fight extreme poverty around the world. They unabashedly talked about their affiliation with NGO’s – Non-Governmental Organizations, and like everything else these days, they had their own symbol – a giant red circle. Even the proscenium of the stage was a giant red circle, and many people in the audience wore clothing bearing the same. Attendees received free tickets after “demonstrating their commitment as Global citizens” by taking some action using social media or “doing something for a partner organization.”

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The Global Citizen Festival has become an annual occurrence. In 2014, MSNBC carried the broadcast, and network president Phil Griffin said they would carry the 2015 concert as well, because, “This aligns with our values.”

As John Legend came out to perform “Imagine,” the concert became eerily reminiscent of the “brotherhood of man” called for at a similar venue: the “Tommorowland” festivals in Belgium. Hiding behind the façade of promoting electronic dance music, their current promotional video asks people to “Join the Global Family” and the “people of tomorrow” to “unite forever.” Unlike the Global Citizen Festival, Tommorowland makes no promise to end global poverty; in fact it’s unclear who benefits from the festival’s huge proceeds. (Tomorrowland branched out to form “TomorrowWorld” and held its most recent concert in the U.S. state of Georgia.)

Visiting, one can click on the “Social” tab and read featured Tweets such as:

“2015: A year to shake up international development for people & planet!”


“2015 is not an ordinary year – 2015 is a pivotal year for #GlobalCitizens to end extreme poverty by 2030. #Action2030”

Why is 2015 going to be such a pivotal year? The answer becomes clear when you click on a link that takes you directly to the U.N. Dispatch displaying the headline, “Why 2015 Will Be a Huge Year for Humanity.” The first two sentences are shocking. They read:

“Years that shake up the international system do not come around that often. Think: 1945, 1968, 1989, 2000 and 2001.

2015 may be one of those years.”

Well that’s scary. Let’s look at some of those years:

  • 1945 — A year that saw the end of WWII, but it was also a flagship year for the spread of Communism.
  • 1968 — A landmark Civil Rights act was signed in the U.S., but it also saw some of the greatest racial turmoil this country has ever known. On a larger scale, it was marked by chaos worldwide as mass socialist protests challenged the status quo using any excuse they could find.
  • 2000 — The Second Intifada began after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon dared to ascend the Temple Mount and read from the book of Ezekiel.
  • 2001 — America suffered devastating attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. – events that changed the world forever. Apparently the United Nations viewed these attacks as a jolly opportunity to “shake up the international system.”

So what exactly do they have planned for 2015? Reading on, we find out:

“In 2015 there will be two huge opportunities to shape the course of human history for decades to come. The first will come at the United Nations Summit in September when the international community decides what will replace the Millennium Development Goals when they expire at the end of 2015. The second comes two months later when delegates in Paris convene for a once and final opportunity to secure an internationally binding climate change deal. Taken together these two moments will be exceedingly consequential to the planet and to the lives of the vast majority of the 7 billion people who inhabit it.”

Wow. Really?

As many of us already know, you cannot preserve national sovereignty and be a global citizen at the same time; so destruction of such sovereignty must first take place if the “international community” is to be successful.

One thing is certain: The United Nations is blatantly telling us that something earth-shattering is planned for 2015. Maybe “Global Citizen” and “Tomorrowland” proceeds, along with a myriad of other cloaked monies, have finally cumulated a nice little war chest — one that will enable the Antichrist to reveal himself at last – as he emerges with his army of gullible, faux-Utopian lemmings.

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