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United States Contributes To MINDSPACE

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Published on: August 4, 2021

Article contributed by Lynne Taylor & Suzanne Hamner

Over the past month (June-July 2021), we, as the Liberty Belles (Bitchute, Rumble, etc.), have been exposing the 2010 UK (now adopted by the EU) written document called MINDSPACE.

This document recently re-surfaced during the G7 (UK hosted). However, it also was cited as a chief source of a June 2021 UNICEF Report. The UNICEF Report centered on the rights of children on the internet. This Report also stated that homeschooling was bad for children and that some pornography for children was a good thing.

Much of the language used in MINDSPACE is, in fact, from the UK, however, do not be deceived; several US sources were cited and quoted among the 96 pages of the paper.

Mindspace Eu by Tim Brown on Scribd

It was all these factors which caught our attention and subsequent research/reporting.

This juggernaut document puts in ONE place, several years of not only community brain washing; but from the US side, education, especially. From the tone of MINDSPACE, it was said to be a discussion for mass manipulation of public policies.

However, from our research, we found that the discussion left the citizens completely out of the conversation.

Nowhere, have we seen a ‘one-stop-shop’ for government intrusion into our minds like this! Nowhere has it become more apparent that our governments will stop at NOTHING to leverage our behavior as economic tools for total tyranny.

Within the 96 pages, which have also spawned similar documents from Australia and Germany; we found that there were ‘suggestions’ for public policy’s ability to manipulate people’s attitudes, values, and, beliefs. Here in the US, this approach has been used not only in public policy, but education. The open-ended salvo of shots aimed at society; which includes education as a community entity, is referred to as SEL or social and emotional learning. It’s only target, regardless of the age of a student, is to reshape attitudes toward life from ‘I am a valuable individual’, to “I’m a cog in the wheel of collectivism”. Values of the collective society and not the personal or family views are seen as the government prescribed ‘outcome’. Finally, your beliefs, as a result of attitudes/values become the springboard for your actions. In this United Nations (UN) led collective model, it’s social justice which bullies society, not aids any changes.

Why would the UN embrace SEL and its connections to MINDSPACE? It’s literally money in the bank for them! Change every nation from independent to a conforming member-state entity. What world dominating dictator wouldn’t love that?!

MINDSPACE used the guise of government driven policy (which is NOT law, but an interpretation based on a slanted viewpoint of the group creating policy) to ‘nudge’ you into doing precisely what the government wants-not necessarily what you may desire to do; especially if you live in a place where freedom is supposed to be a protected, natural right.

Freedom is a natural right, not man-made or deemed privilege disguised as a right. To continue the look of MINDSPACE through education, we need to understand that education IS a privilege, not a guaranteed human right as the UN has dictated!

MINDSPACE, in its original form or its similar forms of documentation paint the government as your dictator. One which controls ALL you do, one that spies on you and punishes you.

Why? Well, beyond the power rush, it’s all about economics. After all, there’s plenty of profit to be made off how we behave — or don’t. According to Whipsmart’s website (, the SEL profit margin by 2027 is expected to be in the trillions. So, of course governments want a piece of your mind!

Lynne featured this report in one of her more recent articles:

(This article shows the global roots for SEL and its ‘end game’)

The true cost isn’t measurable in dollars, but in the amount of control/manipulation to be meted out to us, as citizens. Once the government-based assessment of your degree of conformity has been established, you are kept on a hamster wheel of MINDSPACE/SEL for life. Meaning, the opportunities for you to be further profit making fodder for this giant, soul sucking machine AS well as your national (don’t forget, the ‘global’) contributions to whatever type of treasury your government will be used against you.

If you don’t think government mind manipulation is alive and well, just look at our world from 2018 to present. While COVID has been the great experiment needed by the UN and all the governments participating, the use of MINDSPACE is the writing on the wall. It’s going to get worse, though.

Our month long look into the MINDSPACE/SEL  documents has proven one thing: the quagmire of deceit plans to use your job, your education, your healthcare, and, everything which connects them, against you and your family. Why? Because through the lenses of MINDSPACE/SEL, you’re so lost without the government and its direction, you cannot be a proper citizen.

SO, forget ‘free thinkers’–MINDSPACE and all the other documents like it, only breed controlled minions!

As a creation of God, men were not meant to be controlled minions. Men are meant to glorify God in all their works and words, follow his laws, and be ministers of good works. To this end, God endowed men with individual, unalienable rights at conception. In one of the founding documents of the united States of America (yes, the lower case is intentional), the founders recognized God as the creator and giver of rights, which includes, but is not limited to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – originally stated as property. This natural self-evident truth extended to the enumeration in the Constitution for the united States of America as the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to that Constitution, which recognized, guaranteed, and protected those God-given individual unalienable rights of the people from government encroachment. While the founding documents of the united States of America honored this natural truth formally, all individuals, as creations of God, possess these rights. Moreover, these rights are contained in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible and repeated in the New Testament.

It was Aristotle, who wrote in The Politics, Book I, “Nature (God), as we often say, makes nothing in vain, and man is the only animal whom she (He) has endowed with the gift of speech.” So, why is it that some “men” have determined their speech is more important than anyone else’s or their ideas warrant implementation over the objections of many? It is by virtue of their lack of Godliness they have assumed, nay usurped, an importance the people did not authorize them to possess.

MINDSPACE ignores the natural human rights and replaces those with government usurpation.

Recognizing the self-evident truth of God-given individual unalienable rights bestowed upon all men, these usurpers needed to coerce, manipulate, brainwash, and “nudge” the people for whom they usurped authority into a direction they wanted the people to go, willingly or forcefully. What began as a subtle use of behavior manipulation, in order to gain a foothold without the people’s notice, has become an overt, in your face, practice.

In fact, the document exported from Australia, “Communications and Behaviour Change“, is not only the resource manual on the “how-to” tactics in order to affect behavioral change in conjunction with or against one’s values, principles, and morals. This also ties to MINDSPACE in producing a government-desired outcome. In other words, it is an intense campaign of manipulation to affect behavior change while allowing the individual to “believe” they themselves are making a choice. It is an illusion of choice and freedom. (Note: The Liberty Belles will be discussing the Australian document in future episodes.)

One cannot claim a violation of God-given individual unalienable rights or lack/limited choice when one does not realize one has been conditioned over time into believing this is the norm. This has been the goal of the nations working together to create MINDSPACE. The clever use of terminology, the redefinition of words, the use of massive marketing campaigns aimed at behavior modification are many of the tactics used to deceive the people.

The people are seen as a commodity to be traded and used, evidenced by the term “behavior economy”. This is globally, billions of dollars of industry profits. If you think back to some advertisements/commercials for littering, sexuality, smoking, smoking cessation, and now the measures for COVID-19, you can see these are tactics to drive people toward government desired “outcomes”. It now is a mega-profit-making industry targeting education. Governments, other entities and industries all want a piece of you. This is used to rob the people of their God-given individual unalienable rights.

The Liberty Belles discussed much of this in their Saturday Night Special live presentation which covered the recently concluded G7 Summit and the upcoming G20 Summit in the fall.

As part of The Liberty Belles, Suzanne, a retired registered nurse, tackles these issues from a US Constitution, biblical, common sense, and “southern girl” perspective, even questioning the legitimacy of “behavioral” science. Her articles at Sons of Liberty Media and videos at “Hamner It Out” on reflect her values, principles, morals and childhood teachings as well as her nursing education background. Lynne, as the other part of The Liberty Belles, is a researcher, activist, education expert, and contributor to several national and international media outlets. Lynne can be found at, Facebook, and other social media outlets.

The Liberty Belles ring the bell on education so you can affect change while hammering out the issues so you can smell the manure. You can find The Liberty Belles at BitChute, Rumble and UgeTube as well as The Sons of Liberty Media. If you would like to contact The Liberty Belles for speaking engagements, interviews, and/or questions and comments, please contact Suzanne at [email protected]

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