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Unlocking the Truth and Blocking the Truth

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Published on: August 12, 2017

Do y’all remember a group of adorable, adolescent, audio A-Bombs called Unlocking the Truth?

When these youngens went viral on Youtube everybody and their head-bangin’ uncle was telling me to check them out.

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

I was like, Dang! If more of my audience would tell more folks about my project 20 lb Sledge the way they’re telling me about Unlocking the Truth we would have Sledged out some serious damage to the liberal narrative!

Mucho thanks to those who have and continue to tell folks about 20 lb Sledge! They may not be many, but I thank God for them who see the big picture, and understand the importance of using art to connect the message to people that conservative politicians and pundits often don’t reach.

The left has capitalized on corrupting so much of the culture with art and brainwashed them into demanding collectivist and culture corroding policies.

I’ve long seen the formula, and have been banging the drum literally to get more conservatives to support the formula of using art on our side to liberate people from the brain chains of the left.

I’m so thankful for the conservatives who have seen the big picture, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been enough.

What I’ve been proposing works. Here’s a big chunk of proof for you. The proof is in my absence.

The left does not want my commentaries, my music, or my other works of using arts/entertainment to reach people, so they limit the visibility of my work so it won’t reach the people they want to keep a grip on. They don’t want them to consider a different point of view.

I know It’s not just me. And it doesn’t make me feel any better that others are getting screwed.

Unlocking the Truth is another example of proof that the left does not want my commentaries, music, and other works to reach more folks. Because it works, and they can’t have that!

My work made it to the ears of the young power trio known as Unlocking the Truth, and rang true with the lead vocalist/guitarist, Malcolm Brickhouse. The truth resonated enough for them to even address my commentaries in their documentary movie, Breaking a Monster.

I very much related with the players of Unlocking the Truth. I understood what it was like to be a black kid who was at odds with the idea that just because you’re black, you had to be shackled by the supposition of how to act, how you’re supposed to talk, what kind of music you’re supposed to like, how you’re supposed to dress – which would later become things like, who you’re supposed to date, what religion you’re supposed to be, and what party you’re supposed to vote for. All based on the supposed dictates of skin color.

Like me, Malcolm could see the insidiousness of all this. He could even see that though the people who are investing in him think of themselves as well meaning – he saw the big picture that his image would be part of promoting an agenda that keeps blacks in a box.

Malcolm is the frontman of Unlocking the Truth, and he saw more truth being unlocked in my videos, and the liberal internet overlords can’t have this and are trying to lock the truth I deliver back up.

Y’all, this is proof of concept. My objective has been to use things like my hard rock project 20 lb Sledge to break down these poisonous paradigms. Cut loose the narrative noose that liberals keep inundating the culture with. It works, and that’s why liberals try to limit my reach. I don’t fit their formula as the librarian said to the state in the Obsolete Man episode of the Twilight Zone. So they have to silence little insignificant me like the state did little Wordsworth because somehow our words based on the Word of God is such a threat to their state. Who’s the real bully, right?

I just hope the liberals haven’t swayed young men like Malcolm from the Truth he was unlocking. He already knew the deal. He probably would have figured it out anyway, because he’s raised to revere God. That is his greatest weapon to guard his free mind!

I was just a harmonizing affirmation of a frequency he was already on, but liberals don’t want that signal strengthened. They want it terminated.

Like I mentioned earlier, it resonated enough for them and the producers to even address it in their movie. That’s God breaking that in there.

And the hard wired left can’t have that. If more conservatives had the will to have the 6 of those trying to Unlock the truth in the culture the way the left has the will to lock up the truth we wouldn’t be having the mess like we have.

I’m not talking about just politics, I’m talking about the culture that politicians depend on for power to make the culture dependent on them.

But unfortunately, too many conservatives think that who’s in office is the answer while saying government is not the answer.

I see more people occupying themselves with knowing more about Trump or any number of these politicians more than they endeavor to learn about Jesus. I’m ok with Trump, but God will get more of my attention. You’d think more on the right would be talking happily about God more to thank Him for keeping us from having President Hillary!

The Word of God is what preserves this nation. If Republicans represent with the Word of God in politics and culture, Democrats would lose every time.

Too many who call themselves conservatives are more interested in seeing liberals meltdown than actually wake up. I’ve been trying to wake liberals up, and I know it’s possible because I used to be a liberal. And I have been waking them up.

But for a lot of “conservatives” that wasn’t good enough, and blew me off for provocateurs who were just instigating what we already know about the belligerent left.

The way I was doing it works, that’s why the left doesn’t want me to reach more of an audience or even the audience I have. Unfortunately, it was easy for the left. Because a lot of my audience did fade away.

Some ask me, “Hey Zo, Where have ya been? I haven’t seen your work in months.” And I say. I’ve been here. Publishing two commentaries a week. I have to admit, Facebook may keep people from seeing my posts in their feeds and knowing about them, and youtube may keep people from knowing about them, but neither one of them keeps people from visiting my page to regularly to see my new posts for themselves. So if people aren’t seeing my work, it’s partly because they didn’t look. Many “conservatives” in the entertainment industry turn ands look the other way and don’t even want people to know that they know m because they don’t want to give away their political leanings. I understand. They don’t want something like what’s happening to me to happen to them. Maybe if we actually stuck up for each other instead of being in the closest there’d be less of a threat. Republicans in the civil war faced death but stepped up anyway. Republicans now days are afraid they won’t get to act in some Democrat’s movie. And I also have to admit that maybe my work isn’t interesting enough for many to look for regularly. But still, Google, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, obstruct me from gaining potential new viewers.

Folks bailed on me for different reasons. Reasons like being offended because I don’t have any respect for the Confederate Battle flag. Why should I respect a flag created by Democrats who had a murderous hatred for abolitionist Republicans?

I’m sick of these confused people who sabotage the cred of the republican party. (albeit it’s only a few) but these confused people vote Republican while waving around a Democrat flag and it disgusts me. Their southern pride blinds them into waving around a symbol of Democrat shame. I don’t have a problem with the south at all. I got a problem with democrats.

Then there are those who bailed on me because “I talk about the Bible too much.” Meanwhile, the conservative foundation is so fractured because they can’t agree on what standard to level a conservative foundation on.

At least I know what to level it on. The Word of God! What man or woman is there that can establish a solid foundation of what it is to be conservative and justly examine the Constitution? Answer: there ain’t. So I trust in the Word of God to help me see the good law that was purposed in the Constitution, and be savvy to those trying to take liberties with our God-given rights.

Among the worst reasons for those who bailed on me is because “I just keep repeating the same things over and over.”

It’s a shame that liberals have more stamina to repeat a lie over and over again in the culture, then conservatives have to repeat the truth in it.

The reason why I keep repeating the same things over and over again is because liberals keep repeating the same slander over and over again. And that slander breeds prejudice that makes it very difficult to connect conservative ideals to people conditioned to not trust us.

I just try do my part to help set the record straight.

Conservatives have the stamina to argue for the political purpose, but don’t seem to realize that the reason why it’s such an unnecessarily difficult fight is because they keep ignoring the significance of culturally establishing their policies.

This is how we get BLM, ANTIFA, and OWS. Because the left is always in the culture with music, movies, radio, television, the education system, pumping their mind rot all the time, while conservatives bicker over who’s gonna be the political messiah.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s healthy to be informed, but what good is it to just have the facts when so much of the culture is so poisoned that they’d want an anti-american commie like Sanders, or a grossly corrupt Hillary Clinton, or two terms of American sabotaging Obama. All your facts mean very little to these blindly bitter people. And they’re getting more rabid. The left uses certain tools to bind many in the culture, and that culture will not consent to those who want to govern with Good law. Why aren’t we more supportive with using those tools to unbind them?

Having the facts is one thing, delivering the facts is another. Liberals aren’t only great liars, they deliver their lies well and with many avenues.

Since liberals can’t pigeon hole me they don’t want folks to see me. And they don’t want folks to see that when the hard wired left sees my work their response is usually profane bigotry and it reveals their true colors. The kicker is that I didn’t have to be profane, or nasty to get it out of them. This causes those who aren’t hard wired left to get a clearer picture of who the real haters are.

Youtube and Facebook don’t want people to know about my commentaries. They don’t want them to know about 20 lb Sledge, and they don’t want people to know about the satirical series I tried to get produced, Sinistrubia; The pilot and 1st subject I addressed was on Hillary Clinton and illustrating the absurd and patronizing efforts to keep blacks and women tied to their narrative, and it was too taboo for them. They’ve obstructed it’s reach.

These liberals hardly even send trolls after me anymore because when they did, they were showing themselves as the real haters and making my points evident as well as contributing to the growth of my views.

So now instead of harassing me, they just try to hide me.

Because I cause them to react like vampires when the see a cross or sunlight. It exposes their hatred and bigotry, and others are often enough able to see  they’re behavior, and re-think things.

Here’s to unlocking the Truth.

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