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Until Government Recovers Every Weapon We Left In Afghanistan & Gave To Ukraine, Stop With The “Gun Control” Talk

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Published on: June 13, 2022

Advocates of disarming law abiding citizens were celebrating this week after the US House of Representatives passed sweeping gun control measures as a reactionary move to the recent tragic mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York. Remarkably enough, there was very little talk of the shooting in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The bill, which passed by a mostly party-line vote of 223-204, will raise the age limit for buying a semi-automatic rifle and prohibit the sale of ammunition magazines with a capacity of more than 15 rounds.

Senator George McGovern (D-SD) cheered the bill and stated — incorrectly — that bills like this would have prevented tragic shootings, like the one at Virginia Tech. However, he was wrong as the VA Tech shooter carried 17 magazines — none of which carried 15 rounds.

In reality, the pro gun control movement is little more than an emotional response that is trying to solve a far more complex and nuanced issue of violence in America, by disarming law abiding citizens. This will never work and as history has shown us, it will only lead to mass suffering.

What’s more, the same people who want to remove your ability to defend yourself are hypocritically funneling weapons to Ukraine so previously unarmed Ukrainians can defend themselves from the Russian invasion.

After the Biden administration began arming Ukrainians, the notoriously antigun left began praising the act. In a hypocritical twist of irony, the staunchly antigun liberals at Occupy Democrats took to praising the arming of Ukrainian citizens, finally realizing that the second Amendment is not for hunting.

Many of these weapons, according to experts, are now making their way to unscrupulous groups as smugglers and arms dealers grab their piece of the US taxpayer-funded $54 billion pie we’ve been forced to give them.

As France 24 reports, Washington alone has delivered or promised military gear including hundreds of Switchblade kamikaze drones, 7,000 assault rifles with 50 million rounds of ammunition, laser-guided missiles and radar systems to detect enemy drones and incoming artillery fire.

“While the response to provide more weapons to Ukraine is understandable…, it would be prudent to consider the immediate and long-term security implications,” the US-based Stimson Center think-tank said in March.

“We’ve seen time and time again how arms aimed at aiding an ally in one conflict have found their way to the frontlines of unforeseen battlefields, often in the hands of groups at odds with US interests or those of civilians,” it added, pointing especially to small arms.

“There are very significant risks associated to the proliferation of weapons in Ukraine at the moment, in particular regarding small arms and light weapons,” said Nils Duquet, a researcher and director of the Flemish Peace Institute.

It’s not just Ukraine either. The people who want to “control” your guns also handed over more than $7 billion in weapons to the group the United States has ostensibly been at odds with for more than two decades in Afghanistan.

Nearly 80 US aircraft were left abandoned at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport when the United States pulled out last August. The United States also handed over nearly 42,000 pieces of night vision, surveillance, biometric, and positioning equipment in the Taliban-controlled country. Millions of dollars in ammunition and untold thousands of guns were also handed over to bad actors within the country.

As Foreign Policy reminds us:

By the time the last U.S. transport aircraft left Afghan airspace on Aug. 30, 2021, 70 percent of U.S. weapons given to the Afghan forces over the past 16 years were left in the country as well as nearly $48 million worth of ammunition.

In all, the United States left behind more than $7 billion worth of weapons and equipment when it left Afghanistan last year, according to a congressional-mandated Defense Department report first seen by CNN. The equipment was transferred to the Afghan government, which collapsed even before the U.S. withdrawal last year.

Earlier this year, the Taliban used these weapons to embark on a bloody killing spree against their lesser armed opponents. Thanks to the newly acquired arsenal — courtesy of the your tax dollars — the Taliban have cracked down on human rights, recently moving to ensure females cannot attend school. The unarmed citizens are helpless and forced to comply as they have no means of defending themselves or fighting back.

“With these weapons, the Taliban are feeling power to implement their barbaric rules on the people of Afghanistan,” said Zelgai Sajad, the former Afghan consul general in New York. “They are holding many military shows with these weapons in the cities and trying to convince people to obey them.”

Unfortunately, just like cognitive dissonance blocks many Americans from seeing the horrific and murderous war crimes of their own government, it also allows them to think that disarming citizens domestically, while arming citizens abroad, is logically consistent.

The good news is that more people than ever now own guns and sales continue to increase. And, unlike David Hogg would lead you to believe, it’s not just men. In fact,  story after story has furthered the narrative that Black women are the fastest-growing group of gun owners in the country.

As the tragedies in Uvalde, Buffalo, and Tulsa illustrate, government cannot keep you safe — nor can government keep guns out of the hands of people who want to do harm. The only thing government sponsored gun control accomplishes is to ensure that the only people who have guns are criminals and government employees — all the while keeping law-abiding citizens disarmed.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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