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US Army Sodomite Civilian Leader: My Promotion is “Remarkable”

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Published on: June 4, 2016

Army Secretary Eric Fanning says that his promotion as the first openly sodomite head of a military service branch is “remarkable.”

McClatchy reports:

Of his sexuality, Fanning tells NBC’s “Today” he initially preferred to have people talk about his qualifications. But he says, “Now, I embrace it.”

Asked if he’s had to any endure any harsh treatment at the Pentagon, Fanning says, “Careless comments, sure.”

But he says he hasn’t needed “to confront anyone.”

The 47-year-old Fanning tells NBC his sexuality “certainly has become more of a story as each rung in the career has taken place.”

He says he loves his job, but expects he’ll likely be leaving after the Obama administration ends. Fanning says that by next Jan. 21, “I imagine myself on a beach someplace.

Fanning was appointed back in September 2015 by Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah.

Commentator Erik Rush wrote at the time, “It’s not easy to tell if Obama’s zeal in promoting Fanning and deviance at large reflects a certain simpatico given his own sexual proclivities, or if it is part of the Marxist aspect of his agenda – the objective to foster dysfunction, fixation on base-natured pursuits, and the disenfranchising of those who hold traditional values.”

I think it’s clear. It is both. There is no doubt that the Communist goals are being implemented at record pace during the administration of Obama.

Fanning’s comments come just weeks after Obama appointed mentally ill Barbara Satin, a 79-year-old transvestite member of the United Church of Christ’s Executive Council.

Our founding fathers are rolling over in their collective graves. They would have never stood for an open sodomite to be a member of the military.

This administration has appointed and a places so many sexual deviants and mentally ill people within the administration and in various roles that America may never recover from such deviancy.

Sadly, Congress has been unwilling to stand against the depravity and as such, should be held just as complicit in these appointments as Obama; and don’t give me that Republicans are better nonsense. They have been in control of both houses the past couple of years.

America desperately needs real repentance and turning back to the God of the Bible, the One who established the original foundations of our land.

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