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US Christian Marines & Families Aid Kurdish Fighters in Fight against Islamic State

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Published on: October 17, 2014

A couple of months back, a friend of mine and I were discussing how awesome it would be for American veterans to band together to go over to the Middle East and fight to rescue Christians in those areas from the Islamic jihadists that are running through the land. Well, now there are American veterans who are going to the Middle East, without the support of the US military, in order to help the people of the area who are fighting against the Islamic State. The team at Fight the Good Fight 91 are doing what they can medically to help those standing against the Islamic State.

The team, composed of Bible-believing Christians, have traveled to the Middle East to help the Kurdish fighters (the peshmerga) in their efforts to defeat the Islamic State.

The members of the teams consist of two US Marines and their wives, a registered nurse and a practicing paramedic, along with other volunteers.

Radio talk show host Steve Quayle, who knows team leaders Jeremiah and Amanda, spoke with Sons of Liberty Media and called them “very, dear friends.” According to Quayle, Jeremiah is a Marine with ten tours of duty in the Middle East.

Jeremish, who spoke with Sons of Liberty Media, told us, “The team has been so grateful to be able to help give the peshmerga some of the tools, like tourniquets, then need to help save one another’s lives on the battlefield

The team has been phenomenally effective in helping the peshmerga push back the Islamic State.

Quayle and his radio listeners have raised between $50-60,000 to help support the work going on there to help the work of these Christian brothers and sisters who are aiding the peshmerga.

The peshmerga have very little understanding of trauma, than battlefield trauma. Thus, many of their fighters die of infection brought on by wounds of shrapnel and other injuries that would normally be able to be treated with knowledge on how to deal with it. This is where Jeremiah and Amanda’s organization come in. They help to keep the fighters healthy enough to fight against the enemy.

In case there are those thinking that this might be some sort of scam, Steve, who is on the “Board of Directors,” told us that he has seen the books and says the “bookkeeping is exemplary.”

“I don’t think I have more respect for anybody on the planet, and I’ve been in talk radio for twenty-five years,” he said.

The last team over to help was composed of five members.

“This is a battle of David versus Goliath,” Quayle said. “Because the US is doing everything they can not to take out ISIS.”

Quayle also confirmed that the US is not actually bombing ISIS in the way it has been reported in the media.

“I was told that anytime the military identifies targets, the “security council” stalls and then will only allow them to bomb empty buildings,” he said. “In other words, ISIS is always given a head’s up and tipped off.”

Quayle has been one who has talked for over fifteen years about the US intervention in the Middle East that would be used to establish the universal caliphate. In other words, the US is not helping itself nor the world by being involved in the Middle East in the manner we are. We have ignored the words of George Washington and have stuck our nose where it does not belong over and over again and we are seeing the fruit of it.

“The silence of the Western Christian Church, especially the mega-churches is an absolute indictment against its false spirituality and they don’t get it,” Quayle said. “It’s coming here.”

“The Illuminati, the globalists hate the Church,… the followers of Jesus, and that’s why the denigration of Jesus takes place,” Quayle added. “And these people who are over there helping the natives to fight against ISIS are some of the bravest people I know.”

In speaking about what will come in America, if the Islamic jihadists continue to escalate their jihad and beheadings, Quayle and I agree that there will not be blowback, there will be a complete taking out of Islam in America by patriots. However, it will take guys that are well trained and heavily armed to deal with the armed jihadists who are already here.

Jeremiah told us that the team is looking into partnering with an organization to help get innocents out of harm’s way, but could not elaborate on that effort due to the sensitive nature of the efforts.

Follow what Operation Do Something is doing by clicking here.

If you are interested in helping these Christian Marines in their efforts to keep the fighters in the fight, you can go here to help fund them. May God bless their efforts and may He raise up other courageous men and women to come alongside them.

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