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US Media Coverup of ISIS Sex Slave Prisons: Christian Girls Fed from Dog Bowls, Raped, Dismembered and Sent in Bags to Parents

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Published on: September 4, 2016


Being true to the example of their founder Muhammad, ISIS has been making videos of themselves taking Christian girls and raping and torturing them in bizarre sexual ways and then chopping up their bodies in secret prisons throughout ISIS-controlled territory and then sending the video to the victims’ families. Some of the women have been able to escape, and those who have all have been asking where was the world when this was happening?

A California-based human rights activist and lawyer, who has been helping minorities and women across the Middle East for over a decade, recently testified at the United Nations, narrating incidents such as parents in Syria being sent a video of their kidnapped daughters being raped and tortured by Islamic State, and the dismembered body parts of their daughters in bags. U.S. media chose not to report on it.

Jacqueline Isaac, vice president of the humanitarian group Roads of Success, began her testimony by saying that she is not speaking as a lawyer or an activist, but as a “fellow human being.”

“I stand with the beautiful, brave, resilient survivors that I spent extensive time with in Iraq – those that saw their parents killed before them and then taken by ISIS and categorized like merchandise based on whether they thought they were beautiful or not, their age, and whether they were virgins. Like merchandise,” Isaac said at the U.N. on April 28, according to CNS News.

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“And as if that were not enough, they were raped, they were tortured, many committed suicide and died,” she continued. “And others may have attempted [suicide], but they survived, and they’re standing before us today.”

She added that the victims are crying out and asking, “Where are you, world? Where are you, world?” (source)

We at have known the answer since last year, when we exposed how public, open-source documents confirm that ISIS is a creation of the US and Saudi Arabian governments intended to consolidate control over the region, especially for oil access. While these survivors are asking where America was when ISIS was destroying Iraq, the answer is plain. We were supporting ISIS and giving them the means to destroy the Christians.

If the stories that we have done are not enough, remember that under “big bad Saddam” Iraq had between 800,000 1.5 million Christians and growing in population. Christians were employed in Iraq’s government, such as with former Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz. Yet after 13 years of war, beginning in 2003, the Christian population now stands at between 200 and 450 thousand. This is a precipitous drop, turning a nation once ruled by a small dictator into a dangerous cesspool of Islamic poison.


The women have every right to be upset, but to ask where America was is a simple question. We were right there watching this horror happen and for reasons of money and power we did nothing, but let it continue just like how we refused to stop and even punished our soldiers for trying to stop Muslim men from raping little boys while they screamed for help.

May God have mercy on what has become of our nation.

Article posted with permission from Shoebat.  Article by Andrew Bieszad

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