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Is the US Ready to Arm America’s Islamic Enemies with Anti-Air Missiles?

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Published on: October 3, 2016

It looks like our representatives are poised to commit treason once again and arm our Islamic enemies in Syria with shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles.

Reuters reports:

One U.S. official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss American policy, said Washington has kept large numbers of such man-portable air defense systems, or MANPADS, out of Syria by uniting Western and Arab allies behind channeling training and infantry weapons to moderate opposition groups while it pursued talks with Moscow.

But frustration with Washington has intensified, raising the possibility that Gulf allies or Turkey will no longer continue to follow the U.S. lead or will turn a blind eye to wealthy individuals looking to supply MANPADS to opposition groups.

“The Saudis have always thought that the way to get the Russians to back off is what worked in Afghanistan 30 years ago – negating their air power by giving MANPADS to the mujahideen,” said a second U.S. official.

Keep in mind that these are the same Islamists that formed the Islamic State, the same group of people we funded, trained and armed and are now being attacked by in our own country.

In fact, it was the treasonous John McCain who said that America helped fund and arm the Islamic State.

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The problem though is that these considerations are not just from the Saudi government, but rather from the DC government in Washington.

The Brookings Institution, as Washington think tank, wrote in a paper titled, “What to do when containing the Syrian crisis has failed“:

We must also be clever about employing various options for no-fly zones: We cannot shoot down an airplane without knowing if it’s Russian or Syrian, but we can identify those aircraft after the fact and destroy Syrian planes on the ground if they were found to have barrel-bombed a neighborhood, for example. These kinds of operations are complicated, no doubt, and especially with Russian aircraft in the area—but I think we have made a mistake in tying ourselves in knots over the issue, since there are options we can pursue.

Tony Cartalucci, writes at Activist Post:

US politicians and policymakers are already acutely aware that any weapons they send into Syria – including anti-air missiles – will immediately end up in the hands of designated foreign terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda and ISIS. They are aware of this because thousands of anti-tank missiles the US has sent into the country, as well as fleets of Toyota trucks, ammunition, food, and other supplies have already ended up in Al Qaeda and ISIS’ hands.

This is not only through the seizure of weapons by terrorist organizations from “moderate rebels,” but because America’s “moderate rebels” have either voluntarily joined the ranks of designated terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda and ISIS – or were affiliated with terrorists from the very beginning and even before the conflict even began.

I tend to agree with his assessment considering the that Islamic State has been caught on video using US made anti-tank missiles, that the Obama administration has been caught in running arms in the Middle East in an international Fast and Furious, and the Pentagon has “lost” more than half a million guns in the Middle East.

In the confusion of our government to illegally and unconstitutionally arm our enemies, they are not only endangering those in the Middle East, but they are also endangering us. When will America wake up, and deal with the corruption in DC?

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