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USMCA: The Crushing Blow – Part 3

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Published on: January 29, 2020

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, in today’s installment of my “Crushing Blow” series, we’ll take an upclose look at the USMCA’s supporting document as published by the US government’s ITC (International Trade Commission). I first brought this document about the expected economic impart to America in Part Two.

In Part One, you were given the overall educratic overreaches for every single American, regardless of school location OR age. Did I leave out ‘school choice’ on purpose? Yes, because it’s in the USMCA and the ITC Report that education is nothing more than worker preparation under the guise of skill based training.

As I’ve told you repeatedly here on my blog and in hundreds of interviews, Page 17 of the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) wiped out ‘school choice’ with the mandate for all education being aligned to the SAME post-secondary readiness standards! As one of my most trusted fellow Anti CCSS Warriors has stated, the only choice we’re really left is, location of the school.

Because the evidence from the USMCA and the ITC is SO strong, we’ve seen this ESSA mandate played against us. Warriors, make no mistake, ‘every student’ is NOT reserved for one type of education, it means ALL.

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Warriors, in Part Two, I also gave you a visual from the USMCA pages where all 17 of the UN’s (United Nations)  SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) were woven into education AND labor (jobs). If you missed Part Two, here it is again.
From The ITC April 2019 Report:

Warriors, The International Trade Commission’s Report was supposed to be all about how great the USMCA’s impact on America would be, however, it also shared some troubling aspects, especially on our side of the War Vs the Core.  As I shared in Part Two, there are 9 ITC chapters to cover the USMCA’s 34 chapters. Below, I given you a brief summary of how these 2 documents intersect.


Warriors, if you’d like to share this visual or the one with the SDGs embedded in the USMCA, feel free to download them. Both are ready to be shared with anyone you feel needs a ‘wake up call’.

Warriors, I can also tell you that because the USMCA sets up several Regional Commissions to rule over us, the ITC’s document does cover how these may also impact our economy. The winners will be the government and any partnering group or organization they delegate. The Commission members can be ANYONE the government desires to serve. We the People are the biggest losers, both in how we live and how we’re treated.

Think about this, anyone the government desires. That includes educrats, CCSS Machine members, or anyone else who may or may NOT be qualified! We already know that the U.S. Dept. of Education is unconstitutional, but SO is the U.S. Dept. of Labor!

The USMCA does state (Chapter 23, Labor) that Statutes and regulations for the US under,it will be acts of Congress OR pursuant to and include the U.S. Constitution. However, almost immediately after that statement, the ILO’s (International Labor Organization) Declaration on Social Justice for Fair Globalization (2008) is embedded. The Declaration fully embraces and charges member nations to embed Sustainable Development Goal #8, Decent Work for All. (*Note, if you are interested in the ILO’s video on the importance of the Declaration, watch this 10 minute propaganda piece. While the US is not featured as a country in need, the ILO’s Constitution does state that all member states need to co-operate and use the Declaration; if they don’t, they harm other countries.)

Warriors, the elephant in the room is this: since the U.S. Constitution has been consistently ignored BEFORE the USMCA, and all that’s been shared in this series about the global overreaches, how MUCH of the Constitution will even still be honored?!

The ILO And World Economic Forum Davos’s Recent Meeting:

Yes, Warriors, the ILO was a big player in the World Economic Forum (WEF) Conference. We know that the President attended. However, pushing global workforce for America, was Ivanka Trump. Her plans for the US are a bit chilling. Her ‘vision’ includes using massive amounts of ‘big data’ to play matchmaker between the employer and the ‘qualified’ worker. 

Before the WEF Conference, Ivanka Trump was a featured speaker at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show). While she talked about the importance of private industry partnering with the government in re-skilling and up-skilling Americans, the elephant in this room is that there should be no P3s in workforce based education. Public private partnerships completely bypass the U. S. Constitution and mute We the People! Think of it this way, if it’s not the government herding us around, it’s going to be private industry.

Here’s another truthful piece of evidence to support this, in the ITC document (for what the USMCA will do for America’s economy), under Article 19.16, the companies with the most capability to profit off the USMCA include Google, Amazon, and Facebook. If you enlarge the screenshot below, you’ll see two of them.
However, as we know, the CCSS Machine’s data mining (aka student data rape) arms are many. Some of those groups are featured below, too. 

From another WEF attendee, IBM, their list of the 22 jobs most in danger. Look how many are skill based.
From the US ITC’s document, the 5 classes of workers (caste system):
under the USMCA, many Americans will lose jobs in the auto industry, fishing industries, and, the timber industries. Agriculture jobs will be hit hard as well.

The ITC document states that only 176,000 jobs will be the expected growth. Of those, 124,000 will be in the service sector of that number, 50,000 in manufacturing and 2,000 in food/agriculture. The lion’s share of skilled workers will be in data transfer. Does this match the supposed millions of jobs Ivanka Trump keeps boasting about? Does this sound like a positive growth step for America in its economy? Do we realize just how much the loss of entire industries will throw us into mass chaos?

Related Resources:

1) In the 10 minutes ILO video, a program called STED was mentioned. Here’s the 133 page 2012 documentSTED stands for‘Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification’.

2) From 2017, the WTO (World Trade Organization) publication on Investing in Skills for Inclusion. The United States is embedded 18 times in this document. Some even tie Mexico and the US as trade partners. In at least one of the sources cited in this document is US educational attainment and the economy.

3) The EuroNews interview with the ILO General, Guy Rider shared how inequality in work and wages is a global hot button. If you’d like to see other global employer hype from the Davos meeting from the ILO, go here.

4) To see the other WEF re-skill and skill based labor training (aka ‘education’), go here. Be sure to look for the ‘soft skills’ connection to a skilled labor force. “Soft skills” are code for Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

5) From 2015, here on my blog, I gave you a pair of articles about the push at that time for ‘upskilling’ America. Ivanka used that term in some of her recent speeches.


Warriors, in my upcoming closing installment for the “Crushing Blow” series, I’ll be sharing if there’s any recourse for us, as a free citizenry. If you didn’t know it, the USMCA is supposed to be active for the next 16 years. That’s the year 2036.  As one of my radio hosts said, ‘I don’t believe America will last 16 years of this.’

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Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

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