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Usurping Parental Rights: I Thought It Wasn’t About The Children – It’s Nothing But Being About The Children!

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Published on: September 30, 2023

“Sex before eight before it’s too late.” -NAMBLA Slogan shouted during Gay Pride Events

Back in August of 2020, I reported on said Senator Scott Wiener out of San Francisco, California who was introducing a bill to decriminalize “men with boys” sex (Luke 17:2).  This is criminal at every level.

NOT HIDING IT ANYMORE: San Francisco’s Scott Wiener Introduces Bill To Decriminalize Men With Boys Sex! Pedophile In New Jersey Says He Wants His Right To Sexual Contact With Children, Appeal Granted!

No matter how many times you share this information exposing a representative for the crimes that they mean to implement, the people continue to refuse to take heed unto themselves by taking lawful action against the perpetrators.

What’s worse, they then stand by and ask why this is happening, as if it isn’t their responsibility to deal with these criminals (Isaiah 59), which it is.

Because of this dereliction of duty on behalf of the American people, this same criminal, hiding under the guise of a representative of the people, is now so emboldened to seek to usurp parental rights.  These rights, might I add, are given from God, not the state (Rights are forfeited, not taken), in lawfully remembering that the state has no children.

Once again, you have been warned a thousand times (Ezekiel 33:3).

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