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“Vaccine Hypocrisy”: Facebook Openly Admits The Truth Is Unacceptable From Former SJW, Or Anyone Else, On Their Platform… & Why

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Published on: August 27, 2021

Facebook is pretty easy to demonstrate how the platform is as fascist and against freedom as any other totalitarian business or government. For the longest time, they claimed the people were spreading “disinformation” when it came to the CONvid-1984 and the shots, fraudulently being promoted as “vaccines.” They even paid self-proclaimed, and often government controlled or Mockingbird media hit men to go after anyone and everyone that challenged the official narrative, which fell apart a long time ago. Recently, however, a friend shared some information concerning a 24 hour ban for simply posting about Ivermectin via Dr. Robert Malone, the medical doctor who was instrumental in the creation of mRNA shots. Facebook quickly slapped her with a 24 hour ban, but unlike before, they are telling us exactly why they are doing it: to get more people jabbed.

According to her website, Keri Smith is the co-founder and co-host of the Unsafe Space podcast, and the founder of Civility Dinners, which aims to bridge the political divide through conversation. A self-described “former SJW [Social Justice Warrior],” Smith is best known for her work in addressing her old belief system through writing and lectures. Her essays on leaving her former ideology have been shared by Jordan Peterson, Stephen Hicks and Sargon of Akkad and praised by Joe Rogan. Her writing has been featured at and in The Dissenters Project, a collection of essays on the price of dissent in our current culture.

She made the following post and added a link that Dr. Malone recommended regarding Ivermectin.

“Dr. Robert Malone is a medical doctor and vaccine researcher who was instrumental in the creation of mRNA vaccines,” Smith wrote.

“Whatever you do, definitely don’t read this study he shared about the efficiency and acceptability and safety of Ivermectin, which has a lapsed patent and is therefore not profitable,” she added.  “Keep sucking at the propaganda teat of big corporate media.”

Finally, she added this link:

Of course, she added Dr. Malone’s comments as well, and this is what she got from Facebook.

Smith decided to see what all the fuss was about concerning a link to a fact based, scientific position. This is what she discovered.

Notice, they are specifically trying to censor those who are not violating their policies, but “may present misleading or sensationalized information about vaccines.” I guess that’s totally at their AI algorithm’s discretion.

However, notice that Facebook can’t even claim it’s actually misleading or sensationalized.  Still, they tell you why:  “…in a way that would be likely to discourage vaccinations…”

There is no policy that I could find on Facebook that treated those who are pro-“vaccine” like this and might discourage others from not taking a shot.

They are merely a tool to push every single person on their platform to take a shot, not a vaccine, that has the potential to kill or injure each and every one.

But look what else she discovered that you can’t tell people about, even though it’s been proven over and over again and are known side effects.

Then, we read this in the policies.

Again, these things don’t violate their policies, but if you do them, they’ll say you’re violating their policies.  They don’t want people warning others of the dangers of these shots, even if it is personal experience.  But hey, you can talk about how good your feel and virtue signal everyone by showing your pic taking a shot or your vaxx card, right?

You can apparently share any and all the propaganda you like to promote the jab.  You know, stories like those who had healthy spouses, parents or other loved ones and they took the shot and were dead shortly after, but they want you to know that they believe the person killed by the shot would do it all over again and would want you to do it to!

This is what we’re dealing with and it’s criminal.  It’s promotes lies and propaganda rather than freedom of speech and ideas, which are not only lawful, but healthy.

This is no different than the murderous pro-choice group.  They only want death and anyone who offers an alternative called adoption and life are told they can’t speak.

And God forbid you show up on Facebook’s platform and criticize a person getting a shot!  But criticize all you like those “anti-vaxxers” you’ve been propagandized against.  Yes, sir!  And be sure to snitch on them if FB’s Gestapo fails to catch them doing it.

See? Again, doesn’t violate their policies, but then again, it does.

And remember, her comment was about Ivermectin, a drug that has been in use for decades and been used to treat several ailments in animals and humans.

In other words, she shared something true and Facebook, despite it not being against their own policies, declared that she be silences for 24 hours in the FB Gulag.

One thing we know for sure, while people are warning us about Communist China and trying to get us all worked up about them, real practicing Marxists are in our own backyard and they need to be dealt with first before any foreigners.

Justice Guards Our Liberties!

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