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Vaxx Deaths: 691% Increase in Death Among Children – Donald Trump: “I am the Father of the COVID Vaccine – Get Those Shots Everyone!”

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Published on: September 7, 2022

They have eyes, yet they see not, they have ears, yet they hear not. – Jeremiah 5:21

How many people jumped the gun with these experimental jabs is astounding to say the least (Leviticus 17:11, 19:19). Now, many are paying the price.

The people took it for face value when it came to the likes of a Bill Gates, an Anthony Fauci (NIH-WHO-CDC), and a Donald Trump, not realizing that those who were creating the crisis were, in fact, profiting from it (John 10:10).

Zach Heilman from Red Voice Media reported 691% Increase In Death Among Children! – We Must Stop This Now!

“Josh Sigurdson reports on recent data showing an increase of 691% in excess deaths among children SPECIFICALLY only following the vaccine itself as the weeks are counted starting the week children were allowed to inject themselves with the death shot versus the daily average previous to this. This must be dealt with, and justice must prevail. We already know that children who are vaccinated have a 303 times increased risk of getting so-called “covid,” which basically means they’re 303 times more likely to get sick in general.

We’ve already gone over the studies showing that children are 6.1 times more likely to have a heart-related condition if they’re jabbed than be hospitalized with so-called “covid,” and that was an average. They’re 22.8 times more likely at low “covid” rates. That study was from a year ago. We now have even lower rates.

A Taiwan study also recently revealed that 29% of teens who’ve been jabbed have a heart-related condition. This is evil! The decisions we make next will decide the future of humanity itself.” – World Alternative Media

Riding piggyback to this tragic information is that of Donald Trump telling his worshippers (Acts 12:22) “I am the Father of the COVID Vaccine” and I deserve full credit. Remember, I backed it, funded it and most importantly, sped it through…. All under my watch! – Get Those Shots Everyone!

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