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Veterans Rally to Demand Flag be Returned To Hampshire College

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Published on: November 30, 2016

There is a growing number of young people that have no respect for the flag of our country.

This is not a shot at these young people, only a mere observation. It is not as if they openly disrespect the American Flag, but that they do not see the flag as a symbol to be respected.

This is a growing problem, one that has grown out of the dysfunction of the upcoming generation. Perception of the way life “should” be has led to this understanding of America that is somewhat skewed. Seeing the flag as a symbol of their “oppression” or we would say disappointment, they long to see the flag and the nation it symbolizes taken down and or destroyed.
But this is not a task that will be as easy as they might have thought.
The New York Times reports:

A group of military veterans protested at a private Massachusetts college over the weekend, objecting to a decision by the college to allow the American flag to be removed from its main flagpole, and adding their voices to a debate on a campus that has seen the flag lowered, removed and even burned since the election.

Organizers estimated that 400 people attended the veterans’ protest on Sunday afternoon at Hampshire College in Amherst, billed as a “peaceful demonstration of freedom” and “a show of solidarity and respect” for the flag and for veterans.

What seems at issue is the perception of the flag by some of the student body. Some who have found that they are fearful and do not feel secure. Some who consider themselves and those they know to have been oppressed.

The problem is that whether this oppression is real or perceived, we cannot be heard by acting rashly. People will not listen while you defile the image of their freedom, whether it is perceived or real.

It is sad that most of these “oppressed people” have grown up in the plantation style ghettos set up and paid for by the political party these students support.

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