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Video Shows Cop Execute Man With A Bullet To Back Of The Head Before He Could Comply – No Charges

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Published on: June 4, 2022

Houston, TX — It’s been over a month since a Houston police officer shot and killed 29-year-old Jalen Randle and the officer who killed him with no warning is still on the job and has not been charged. Last month, video was finally released and this week, his family is demanding that the officer who killed their son face charges. The family correctly asserts that the video shows Randle’s death was entirely unjustified and they are now filing a lawsuit.

“I’ve cried all I can cry. Now I need to tell y’all that I am mad and I need to get justice for my child,” Tiffany Rachal said at a press conference on Thursday as she called for Officer Shane Privette’s arrest.

“What more do you need to see? You can’t get shot in the back of your neck coming towards somebody,” Randle’s father Warren Randle says. “There was no aggression shown. There was no reason why you (the officer) should have been scared or anything like that.”

Rachal’s attorney, Ben Crump was with the family on Thursday and claimed that an independent autopsy shows Randle was shot in the back of the neck as he turned to walk away.

“Common sense tells us that if one of us shot somebody in the back of the neck, we would be charged. Why is he (Privette) above the law?” Crump asked. “This is not TikTok. We didn’t make this up. Why aren’t police held accountable just as well as normal citizens?”

As we reported last month, according to police, on the day they killed him, Randle was wanted on felony warrants related to alleged drug activity. On April 27, police were attempting to pull over a car in which Randle was a passenger and when the car stopped, Randle exited the passenger side of the SUV.

As soon as Randle exited the vehicle, officer Privette executed him with a bullet to the back of his neck. Randle had not made a threatening move and was merely standing there when he was killed.

In April, after police killed Randle, they told his parents that if Randle would have simply complied with the officer’s orders, he would still be alive. However, body camera footage from multiple angles proves that this was a lie.

“We’ve got units behind him in a chase and we have officers stopping and getting out in front of him, he obviously knew what the deal was. All he had to do was comply. Sadly, it was a horrible outcome and I feel for the family. But, again, had he just complied, we would not be in this situation right now,” said Doug Griffith, president of the Houston Police Officer’s Union. “I think it was completely justified with the fact that we are looking at an armed suspect. He’s got multiple felonies for aggravated offenses and then on top of that, he’s got two objects, one in each hand that are both black and as he turns, the officers can’t wait to find out if that’s a gun or not.”

The video tells a different story, however. It shows that officer Privette executed Randle before he even finished barking the order to “Let me see your hands!” Highlighting the unnecessary use of deadly force was the fact that it even startled Privette, who said “oh sh*t!” right after shooting, indicating that he likely knew it was a mistake.

What’s more, Randle had no gun in his hand. According to police, he did have a gun, but it was tucked away inside a bag.

“In a matter of seconds, as soon as he got out of the car, he was shot. He never got a chance to even hear commands,” said Warren Randle, Jalen’s father. “This guy has to be eliminated. You can’t have people like that on the street. We need police officers of course to protect and serve, but not to kill.”

“At the end of the day, my son is gone, this (officer) is out and he needs to be charged,” said Rachal.

Charges are not likely and even if they do come, Privette has a history of beating them. In 2019, Privette was indicted by a grand jury and charged with aggravated assault for kneeing a man in the face during an arrest but those charges were later thrown out.

As for Randle, he won’t have a chance to fight his charges and now his 5-year-old daughter will grow up without her father — knowing that the man who killed him, was a police officer.

“I don’t want her to grow up not knowing that we fought this fight, that we are fighting,” Rachal said, adding that she will fight for the sake of her son’s 5-year-old daughter, who’s named after him.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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