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Videos Indicate That HAARP May Have Been Involved In The Earthquake & Tsunami In Turkey

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Published on: February 10, 2023

On Friday’s The Sons of Liberty Radio, I covered a variety of topics that took place this past week.  One of those was concerning the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Turkey.  I offer the following videos for your consideration and ask, was the US or NATO using HAARP in order to attack Turkey and produce the earthquake and tsunami?

You be the judge.

First, here are a few videos of the tsunami and aftermath.

Mini tsunami waves are hitting Turkish resort beaches

Devastation of tsunami that hit Turkey

Diyarbakir, Turkey- Another collapsing building live on TV

Now, listen to Brooks Agnew explain how HAARP works and what it would produce when revved up and aimed underground.

There two videos here also provide some insight into HAARP and what it does.

Playing God: HAARP Weather Modification

Could antenna arrays situated around the world cause deadly earthquakes thousands of kilometers away

Now, for even more interesting sights just before the earthquake hit…

Birds acting weird just before the earthquake in Turkey

People in Turkey saw this strange light in the sky right before the earthquake

Turkey attacked with HAARP? Look at this cloud just before the earthquake

Also, be sure to check out some of the photos of similar clouds in this 2015 article on weather experiments that attempts to debunk “conspiracy theorists,” but we all know that when the Mockingbird media does that, they are really telling you to pay attention to the theories.

The earthquake in Turkey looks like a punitive operation (HAARP) by NATO or the US against Turkey

What do you think? There are only a handful of videos that seem to indicate that something outside the normal earthquakes is going on.

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