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Virginia Delegate receives Standing Ovation for Appeal for Sgt. Charles Martland: “He is Owed Our Loyalty!”

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Published on: March 1, 2016

Back in August of 2015, we told you about decorated Green Beret Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, a man who took a stand against the atrocities he saw among the high ranking officials in the Afghan Police Force. Martland physically beat an Afghan police commander after a small boy told him the officer brutally raped him and assaulted his mother. For that, Martland is now being considered for discharge from the US Army. However, at least one representative in the Virginia State House has taken a stand for Sft. Martland, and rightly so.

Delegate Nick Freitas posted to his Facebook page on February 18 his remarks concerning Sgt. Martland and his support of the man’s actions against the depraved behavior of the Afghan police commander.

Freitas said that both he and Martland served in the same battalion, 3rd battalion Special Forces group. Martland had also been in multiple tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Freitas recounted the incident that led to Martland being considered for discharge. In short, a small boy had been tied to a post and repeatedly raped for days by an Afghan Police commander and his other was beaten for speaking about the incident.

Martland confronted the commander, along with his commanding officer. There was no resolve. Instead, the commander laughed at Martland, the boy and the mother. Unable to contain himself at the response, Martland proceeded to “punish” the commander for his behavior, according to Freitas. To make sure people understood what was meant, Freitas elaborated, “He beat him!”

Freitas said that was enough for the powers that be in the US military to drum Sgt. Martland out of the Army.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the motto of US Special Forces Green Berets is De Opresso Liber, to free the oppressed,” thundered Freitas. “Regardless of where they come from, regardless of their nationality, their religious convictions, it’s to free the oppressed.”

“And you need to understand something about the way Green Berets operate,” continued Freitas. “I had two combat tours in Iraq. I spent more time with the indigenous population than I did with Americans. We build relationships. We build trust. It gets to a point where you’re not just over there fighting for our Constitution and our citizens, you’re fighting for the people in that neighborhood that you have built this relationship with. They are your family, as well.”

Freitas went on to say that every service member has to come to grips with when evil shows its face is “What are you going to do about it?”

As for Sgt. Martland, Frietas said, “He confronted it. He punished it. He demonstrated to evil and to that boy and his mother that someone was going to be willing to stand up for them. Somebody was going to be willing to face the consequences that could have arisen from this and defend this boy when nobody else would.”

Freitas could not believe that the country’s response to Sgt. Martland’s courage was to drum him out of the military. However, he did challenge those with that mindset and provided a warning I that takes place.

“We should be very very careful at the message we send to the men and women that we expect to go overseas and put their bodies, themselves, in harm’s way, to stand in between the innocent and those who would exploit and destroy them,” he said. “Because when you have signified to them that you will not have their back as soon as it become politically inconvenient, that as soon as it may look bad in the press, you’re going to abandon them, don’t expect a military that is going to continue to go over there and put everything on the line, give up all their tomorrows, miss anniversaries, birthdays, Christmases, Thanksgiving away from their families.”

“He (Sgt. Martland) is owed our loyalty,” said Freitas. “He demonstrated to us year after year, and quite frankly, I think it demonstrates something to be proud of when a small child in a foreign country that doesn’t speak the same language, that barely knows this person is willing to come up to him and… sees that flag on his shoulder as a symbol of someone he can go to for protection.”

However, Freitas said that even though the boy saw that in Sgt. Martland, it has been American politicians and military who have “just told not only the people that perpetrated this atrocity against this small boy, we’ve told the small boy too, ‘don’t count on it’ because we’ll punish them if they do so.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I want to be defended by a military that when they are confronted with evil like that, their response is not fear, equivocation… it’s to confront it with violence if necessary,” echoed Freitas. “I think Sgt. 1st Class Martland deserves our support.”

Sgt. Martland is currently in the midst of his second appeal and Delegate Freitas encouraged others to do what they can do to stand by him, even as he has stood by them. Martland has openly stated that kicking him out of the Army is morally wrong and that the entire country knows it. Martland has stated that he will gladly testify against US commanders who have ignored the rape of children by their Afghan counterparts and said, “It is a sickening act and send bad messages to our allies.”

So far, several major veterans’ organizations have supported a resolution that demands the reinstatement of Sgt. Marland.

After finishing, Freitas received a standing ovation for his words on behalf of Sgt. Martland.

Martland is not the only member of the US military to speak out against the barbaric nature of sodomy among the Aghans. One father of a slain marine said that his son said they would hear the Afghans raping little boys and were not allowed to do anything.

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