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Virginia Governor Continues Anti-America Assault On Historic Statues: Orders Robert E. Lee Statue Removed – Richmond Mayor Takes Aim At The Rest

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Published on: June 5, 2020

If there is one thing I despise, it’s lying criminals in positions of authority who seek to remove the heritage of their sovereign states and then aim to engage in revisionist history regarding the War of Northern Aggression.  Such a tyrant is none other than Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.  In his latest attack upon the people by attacking their heritage and history, Northam has ordered the removal of Robert E. Lee’s statue from Richmond’s Monument Avenue, and Richmond Mayor Levar is taking aim at removing all the Confederate monuments and statues in the city.

According to the governor’s office:

Governor Ralph Northam today announced plans to remove the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee located on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia.

The Governor directed the Department of General Services to safely remove the statue from its pedestal and house it in storage until an appropriate location is determined.

Speakers joining the Governor at today’s announcement include City of Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney, Reverend Robert W. Lee IV, Robert Johns, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, Attorney General Mark Herring, and Zyahna Bryant.

Governor Northam is acting under his executive authority and Section § 2.2-2402 of the Code of Virginia, which provides the Governor the sole authority to approve the removal of a work of art owned by the Commonwealth upon submission of a plan to do so. The Robert E. Lee monument was erected for and is owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia and is considered a work of art pursuant to Section 2.2-2401 of the Code of Virginia.

It’s interesting that Northam, in addressing the removal mentioned not being a “historian” and spoke about Virginia’s Declaration of Rights, but engaged in revisionist history concerning the Confederacy and has been attacking the rights of the people to keep and bear arms since he has been in office.

Northam said at the press conference to announce the removal:

I’m no historian, but I strongly believe that we have to confront where we’ve been, in order to shape where we’re going.

And in Virginia, for more than 400 years, we have set high ideals about freedom and equality, but we have fallen short of them.

Some of America’s most hopeful and forward-looking moments happened in this Commonwealth and in this capital city. When Americans first dreamed of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—they dreamed here in the Commonwealth. 

Virginia adopted a Declaration of Rights before the United States declared independence. It said that all are “equally free and independent and have certain inherent rights.” It specifically called out freedom of the press and freedom of religion.

And in a church on a hill 15 blocks from here, Virginia’s first elected Governor helped launch the American Revolution when he cried, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” That was Patrick Henry, and I now have the job that he once held—72 governors later.

Except in Northam’s Virginia, he’d actually rather impose tyranny than protect liberty.

The man who once wore “blackface” had the audacity to speak about “racism.”

R. Cort Kirkwood comments on Northam’s statements:

Nearly forced from office for wearing blackface in medical school, Northam opened his remarks on Lee’s statue with a flat statement of fact: “I’m no historian.”

Then he set about proving it.

Despite the success of the “civil rights movement” and election of the nation’s first black governor, Douglas Wilder, the grandson of slaves, Northam claimed that a “legacy of racism continues,” not just in the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, but also “as part of a system that touches every person and every aspect of our lives, whether we know it or not. But hearts are in different places, and not everyone can see it — or they don’t want to see it.”

Thus, Northam said, “it’s time to acknowledge the reality of institutional racism, even if you can’t see it.” Fighting racism includes, he said, “public policies” that “have kept this reality in place for a long time. That’s why we’ve been working so hard to reform criminal justice laws, expand health care access, make it easier to vote, and so much more.”

“In Virginia, we no longer preach a false version of history,” Northam said. “One that pretends the Civil War was about ‘state rights’ and not the evils of slavery. No one believes that any longer.”

And so “in 2020, we can no longer honor a system that was based on the buying and selling of enslaved people.”

Northam did not observe that state and federal public policies provide taxpayer-subsidized food, education, legal representation, health insurance and medical care at no charge for everyone, including blacks. 

Nor did Northam explain that all those eligible to vote can vote, sometimes even without identification. Even felons can vote thanks to Northam’s leftist predecessor, former Clinton hitman Terry McAuliffe, who added them to the voter rolls to get votes for the Democrat party.

As for the War Between the States, more than a few people believe its causes include tariffs and states’ rights, not least prominent historians, and President Lincoln himself said his cause was union, not abolition or emancipation.

Northam did not explain how Virginia’s “legacy of racism” — the racism symbolized in Lee’s statue — caused the death of a black man in the custody of four cops, two of whom were not white, 1,200 miles away.

He even went on to speak about it affecting voting and claims it still affects voting, something that is not true just as his claiming the War of Northern Aggression was about slavery.  He fails to mention it was northern states that had all the slave ships and were the ones buying and selling slaves for profit.  The War to Enslave the States was about a lot of things, but it wasn’t about slavery.  That only became a political talking point for the tyrant Abraham Lincoln after it had begun.

If all this seems strange to you, I suggest you read a few books about the real Lincoln.

Following Northam, was Mayor Stoney who announced on Wednesday that statues of President Jefferson Davis and generals Stonewall Jackson and J.E.B. Stuart would also come down, according to the Associated Press.

Northam’s challenger for governor, Amanda Chase said, ” Governor Ralph Northam and Mayor Levar Stoney announced plans to remove the statue of Robert E Lee from Richmond City! They must be stopped!  Northam is giving into looters and domestic terrorists instead of defending the historical monuments owned by all Virginians. If Northam is unwilling to defend a well lit, highly trafficked piece of Virginia property, he is clearly unwilling to defend your home and your business! We should learn from history not erase it! The radical left will not be satisfied until all white people are purged from our history books. Join me in opposing Northam and Stoney’s plan.”

She has also placed a petition to have people to sign against the governor and mayor’s actions, which you can sign here.

If we have learned anything from history, we know that Marxists and tyrants come in and destroy the history of a people so they will forget that history so that they can begin to control them.  Northam and Stoney are no exceptions.  How long will you put up with the tyrants in the state whose motto is “Sic Semper Tyrannus”?

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