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Virginia: Judge Gives MS-13 Member 30 Years For Hacking Man With Machete

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Published on: December 7, 2018

An MS-13 gang member was sentenced to 30 years in prison by a Virginia judge for hack a man to death with a machete.

twenty-one-year-old El Salvadoran national Walter Antonio Argueta Amaya was sentenced by Albemarle County Circuit Court Judge Humes Franklin Jr. to serve 15 years of a 40-year sentence for first-degree murder and 15 years of a 40-year sentence for murder by lynching.

Additionally, those sentences will be served back to back, but that’s not all.

Amaya was also sentenced to 10 years for abduction and five years for criminal gang participation.  Those sentences were suspended.

Daily Progress reports:

Amaya is one of four members of the MS-13 gang who pleaded guilty to killing Marvin Joel Rivera Guevara, 24, whose badly mutilated body was found in Moore’s Creek near the Woolen Mills neighborhood on July 4, 2017.

Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci told Franklin that Amaya’s guilty plea showed acceptance of responsibility.

“Still, the offense requires a clear and determinate response,” Tracci said. “We need to send the message that gang violence won’t be tolerated in Albemarle County.”

Tracci also summarized for Franklin the victim statements written by Guevara’s family members. Tracci said family members declined to make the statements in court because of emotional trauma and fear for their safety.

Tracci said family members described Guevara as a hard worker who wanted a better life for himself and family and who put work, family and church first. He said they were shocked that a gang-related killing could happen in the United States.

Well, guess what, Mr. Tracci?  Now, those family members of Guevara, who claimed he was a hard worker and wanted a better life, will be forced to pay for the feeding, clothing and housing of the man you just put in prison.  Does that sound just to anyone at all?  By the way, their property will also be held hostage for the taxes extorted from them by the government that is supposed to render justice but is rendering injustice to all parties involved.

Also, the report lists Amaya as an “undocumented immigrant.”  That simply means that he’s in the country illegally, which is also a crime, but he’s not being dealt with for that crime in the least bit.  Perhaps, and I say this without any conviction of it actually happening, but perhaps, he may be deported to El Salvador once he has lived off the victim’s family and the American people for 30 years.

Breitbart adds that several MS13 gang members were busted in the previous few weeks.

Authorities busted six MS-13 gang members for butchering a Massachusetts teenager with a knife, charging them with racketeering on November 28 in connection with the teen’s death.

The day before the MS-13 bust in Massachusetts, Border Patrol agents arrested an MS-13 gang member in Arizona for illegally crossing the U.S. border. When agents questioned the man, the gang member claimed he was traveling with the migrant caravan through Mexico.

Breitbart News has done extensive reporting on the brutal crimes of MS-13 members, especially those who illegally enter the U.S.

Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padilla told Breitbart News’s Border/Cartel Chronicles Editor-in-Chief Brandon Darby in October that apprehension of MS-13 gang members increased by 244 percent over the first ten months of FY2018.

It’s great to find the justice system determines Amaya is guilty.  It’s something else to know that Mr. Guevara’s family and other Americans will have to pay for this so-called “justice” for the next three decades.

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