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Voter Outrage, High Stakes Fueling Trump’s Popularity

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Published on: March 2, 2016

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine who self-identifies as a Democrat (yes, I have a few) said that he can’t believe so many people are falling for the same old Utopian, soak-the-rich, vote-for-me-and-you’ll-get-it-free socialistic drivel being proffered by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. I didn’t think that excoriating my friend regarding his support for one Barack Hussein Obama and other radicals in Democrat clothing over the years would be helpful, so I dispensed with that indulgence.

The man was visibly mortified and genuinely concerned, which led me to wonder just how many other self-identifying Democrats and independent voters might be similarly anxious relative to the course America has taken over the past seven-plus years, and the prospect of winding up with a murderous oligarch (Hillary Clinton) or a geriatric old-school communist (Bernie Sanders) exacerbating our woes for the next four to eight years.

I answered my own question, of course: A lot. A lot of self-identifying Democrats and independents share my friend’s concerns, which is one of the reasons they’re supporting billionaire mogul and media star Donald Trump.

As tedious as it may have become by now, the disclaimer is nevertheless necessary: This is not an endorsement for Donald Trump. I don’t know that he can be trusted to govern as he’s said he would if elected, and I don’t know whether or not his entire campaign is some sort of ruling class-crafted stratagem to create a GOP that is in complete disarray by convention time.

That said, popular UK-based commentator Pat Condell summed up Americans’ sentiments and rationale for their widespread support of Trump very well in one of his recent YouTube videos:

I know that a lot of people (myself included) considered Trump to be kind of a gerbil well prior to his pursuit of public office. All of the vetting and Trump-bashing that’s being done by Republicans, conservatives, and liberals alike aside however, Mr. Condell has a point:  Trump’s campaign rhetoric is resonating with Americans across a wide band of the political continuum because he is telling the truth. Whether speaking on trade, immigration, or national security, he has articulated the problems that Americans acknowledge we’re facing, but more importantly, how the machinations of the establishment (beltway elites and their political supporters) brought us to where we are, and what he intends to do about it.

And since more Americans than ever before realize that this nation is in dire straits, they don’t much care who is articulating this truth. Donald Trump’s campaign is a symptom of Americans’ outrage as much as Barack Obama’s presidency was a symptom of Americans’ ignorance and gullibility.

This isn’t just any election cycle. It isn’t just a matter of Americans being fed up – they’re realizing that they’re losing their country – and fast. Many believe that if we have to suffer four to eight years of a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders presidency, we will quite literally lose the Constitution: Free speech will become that which is permissible by the left at large, religious liberty will evaporate, the Second Amendment will be irrevocably undermined, and Fourth Amendment issues will quickly come to the fore as domestic surveillance becomes ubiquitous, warrantless searches become commonplace, and patriots are prosecuted as subversives and terrorists, or committed as mentally unstable.

To an extent, this is our fault because for decades, we grudgingly accepted that our politicians were a greedy, duplicitous class of people and that there was no alternative to this status quo. But their actions have now gone far beyond self-aggrandizement. Americans rightly see themselves suffering a steady and dramatic decline in their standard of living, opportunities, personal safety, and exercise of personal liberties at the hands of a cabal of utter swine who are shepherding us to hell, all the while telling us to ignore the heat and the flames we see on the horizon.

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