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Voters Want to See Return on Voting Trump Investment – Doesn’t Look They Will Get It

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Published on: September 14, 2017

Donald Trump took the Republican political stage by storm giving disaffected Americans a candidate that tapped into the issues important to the majority of the republic and provided solutions in his campaign speeches citizens could support.

He, also, indicated it was time to “drain the swamp” that is Washington, DC, and hold criminal politicians accountable for crimes committed against the people and the republic.

While not a #NeverTrumper or a #Trumpsupporter, Trump received support when his stance on the issues embraced constitutional, lawful actions.

However, there was always hesitancy on fully supporting Trump because of the possibility he would back pedal on the issues in the glorious tradition of all politicians despite not being a politician.

The suspicions were not unfounded.

Where is Trump now on his campaign promises?

Drain The Swamp

Obama holdovers and stooges still occupy positions critical to moving the republic away from the “downward spiral” the sodomite Muslim exponentially increased.

It’s almost as if the occupants of federal government positions swore an oath to the sodomite Muslim similar to one Adolf Hitler had his supporters take.

Republicans are working against Trump; Democrats work against Trump.

Until recently, Democrats weren’t interested in any policy branding Trump’s name.  That will be covered later in the article.

Moreover, Muslim individuals sympathetic to or members of the Muslim Brotherhood remain in key security positions.

Government agencies do not appear to be willing to work with Trump – probably due to Obama holdovers.

But, in agencies where Trump has appointed supporters, such as the Attorney General, many issues have fallen by the wayside; particularly holding Washington criminals Clinton, Comey, Lois Lerner and others accountable for crimes committed against the people and the republic.

The Obama holdovers run deep within federal government agencies similar to an astrogliocytoma.

Until these leeches are removed, one can expect the same old obstruction to occur in government as has been the practice for the last 8 years.

It doesn’t help that Obama is still lurking in the shadows to stir the pot; although, he really doesn’t need to do much.

Immigration/Illegal Alien Invasion/Amnesty

During the campaign, Trump adopted the stance of “build a wall” and deport individuals illegally in the republic.

Now, The Daily Caller reported, “President Donald Trump’s request that Congress protect illegal immigrants is not a change of heart, but something Trump has always supported, according to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.”  Sanders further indicated that Trump always supported “responsible immigration reform.”

The Daily Caller continued:

“When politicians talk about immigration reform, they usually mean the following: amnesty, open borders, and lower wages,” Trump said in reference to politicians such as Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

The reforms Trump mentioned in that speech include ramping up deportations, securing the border, and reforming the legal immigration system in order to choose immigrants based on merit. Trump has worked to accomplish all of these goals in office, and statistics released Monday show that border crossings have significantly dropped under his watch.

However, Trump’s wish to protect DACA beneficiaries was not part of the reforms he laid out in his campaign speech. Some Republicans are now hoping to use a potential amnesty as an opportunity to pass border security measures and limit legal immigration.

Any time a “politician” talks “reform” on any issue, particularly immigration, the American citizens are on the losing end of the deal.

Americans face further “waffling” from an outsider turned politician in regards to immigration, illegal alien invaders and amnesty.

If Congress fails to act on Obama’s DACA, Trump declared he would “revisit” the issue, whatever that means.

Trump, for now, indicated support for DACA individuals through a series of tweets at the behest of Nancy Pelosi.

While Trump claimed to commit to working for the best interest of American citizens, illegal alien invaders, which include DACA individuals, are not citizens.

Allowing a “pass” for lawbreakers is not in the best interest of American citizens.


This has to be a big thorn in the side of constitutional conservatives.

For years, many in Congress promised the people a repeal of Obamacare.

Republicans tried, not very robustly, seven times during the Hussein Soetoro administration to get rid of that millstone around the necks of citizens to no avail.

Enter Donald Trump who promised a repeal of this disaster, which quickly morphed into a “repeal and replace” option.

Republicans, particularly Paul Ryan (R-WI) chomped at the bit with a “repeal and replace” Republican form of Obamacare, aka Ryancare or Trumpcare.

It went nowhere, leaving the citizens of this republic stuck with an ever shrinking base of health care insurance providers and ever rising health care insurance premiums for diminished services.

The establishment of Obamacare decimated the private health care insurance industry.

There is no going back – at least, not a simple path back.

Citizens face an imploding health care insurance system that will morph into a single-payer socialized medicine system because of the destruction of the private health care insurance industry.

It’s an issue shoved under the rug for the time being.

Debt Ceiling/Spending

Trump negotiated with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling.

Breitbart reported:

He overruled Republican leaders and his own treasury secretary on a debt ceiling agreement. He courted a Democratic senator with a flight to her home state on Air Force One. He offered reassurances on Thursday to young immigrants at the request of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, tweeting that those covered by the federal program he has promised to end “have nothing to worry about” over the next six months.

Trump also signaled a willingness to permanently do away with debt ceiling votes and move ahead on a stand-alone measure on the young immigrants, two suggestions opposed by most Republicans.

Trump’s unhappiness with GOP leaders has been building for months.

He has harshly criticized both McConnell and Ryan for failing to pass legislation to repeal the Obama health care law and for not doing more to shield him from the ongoing Russia investigations.

Then, wasting no time after Congress returned from summer break this week, Trump waved off Republicans who lobbied during a Wednesday Oval Office meeting for an 18-month debt ceiling extension, then 12 months and then six. When Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin continued to press an economic argument in favor of a longer-term deal, Trump cut him off mid-sentence.

Instead, Trump sided with Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer and Pelosi — “Chuck and Nancy,” as he referred to them later. That deal was underscored by a photo taken through the window of the Oval Office showing an animated Schumer pointing his finger in Trump’s face as the president smiled with his hands on Schumer’s arms.

Paul Ryan (R-WI) played down this move by indicating the president did not want to engage in a partisan fight during the republic’s dealing with two major storms, which Ryan stated “made sense.”

Trump gloated about his “bipartisanship” in working with Democrats; but, nothing was given in return to the other side of the aisle in the “deal.”

Conservative groups and lawmakers are very upset at this point.

Breitbart reported:

Trump overruled congressional Republicans and his own advisers Wednesday when he agreed with Schumer and Pelosi in an Oval Office meeting to raise the debt ceiling and finance the government for three months — killing the chance Republicans had to use Hurricane Harvey funding to push for a much longer extension.

Conservative lawmakers responded negatively, with Axios’s Jonathan Swan reporting that Republicans were angry and in a state of shock.

“Democrats got more done in a single Oval Office visit in one afternoon than the congressional Republicans have achieved all year,” one GOP operative told the outlet.

“He f****** us,” said one GOP official.

Now conservative Tea Party groups are also expressing their anger, saying they didn’t work tirelessly to help Trump get elected for him to cut deals with two of the most unpopular Democrats among conservatives. David Bozell, the president of For America, told the New York Times that it was a moment that could derail his presidency.

The move by Trump is also likely to cement a long-standing fear among conservative activists that, no matter how many branches of government they control, or how big the majority, Republican politicians always cave to Democrats.

And, that is the crux of the issue: Republicans caving to Democrats time and again when holding the majority of seats in both chambers of Congress.

FreedomWorks CEO Adam Brandon stated, “This is straight out of the swamp, and I call on President Trump to say something publicly about this.  [It] is a swamp deal and will not be tolerated.”

“Lawmakers” and “conservative groups” should tell the public what they are going to do about it.

It’s a done deal.

In fact, many constitutional conservatives worried about Trump, particularly his past affiliation as a Democrat, which now appear to have been valid.

There is nothing wrong with giving a candidate a chance, especially one that operated outside the establishment like Trump.

Citizens viewed Trump as a “champion of the people,” someone who related to their feelings of betrayal by politicians because their voice was silenced by agenda-driven political charlatans.

And, at this point, many who had hope are back where they started.

Being that Trump has been in office less than a year, there is still time for him to turn his direction back to the one voters embraced.

However, that would mean a fight with both sides of the aisle, which Trump appears to be pushing back the chair from the table in an effort to consolidate the direction of both parties.

American voters witnessed the “bipartisan” work between Republicans and Democrats during the Hussein Soetoro administration, in which Republicans “rolled over and played dead.”

It was a “play,” in which constitutional conservatives and Republicans grew tired.

With Trump, they hoped to change the “give all, get nothing in return” operation of politics.

Trump is pleased with his bipartisanship and the positive news coverage it gained.

Never mind the unhappy Republicans, conservative groups and the American people.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders indicated Trump remained committed to doing what is best to serve the American people and working across the aisle.

After eight years of “working across the aisle,” citizens are ready to see a return on their voting investment.

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