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War Or Peace?

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Published on: August 29, 2014

“War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.” – John Stewart Mill (1806 – 1873)

Obama paraded in front of the media and our nation’s veterans on Tuesday vowing to exact justice for slain American journalist James Foley. He promised continued action, where it is needed, to protect Americans and defend our nation.

Obama proclaimed, “Our message to anyone who harms our people is simple: America does not forget, our reach is long. We are patient. Justice will be done. We have proved time and time again we will do what’s necessary to capture those who harm Americans, to go after those who harm Americans.”

ISIS or ISIL or whatever this infestation of savages calls itself has spread rapidly and with little resistance in Iraq and Syria. This organization has stolen land from the people of Syria and Iraq to form a “state” of its own ruled by ruthlessness, savagery and barbarism. The leader (s) of ISIS or IS has called for Muslims around the world to rise up against sovereign governments and nations, called for warriors to come to the newly formed “state” to fight for “the cause,” and continually threatened, not only the United States, but every nation throughout the world, along with any non-Muslim individual. This group has murdered and continues to murder all those unlike them and calls for the rule of the world under Islam.

This sounds eerily similar to another scenario in which nations came together to wage war against a tyrant who invaded foreign lands, claiming those lands under his rule; threatening those who were “inferior;” instituting a nightmare of genocide; and, threatening to rule the world. World War II was not that long ago; but, how quickly has the world forgotten what the ideology of one faction of people did to an entire generation of the entire world.

Hitler and his Nazi Party subverted the government of the sovereign state of Germany, with the support of many of its citizens, then proceeded to steal land, kill millions and subjugate an entire region.

ISIS has done the same. The best the leader of the free world can do is declare justice for Americans who have been harmed and threaten capture of the perpetrators. ISIS, now, has threatened more than individual Americans, Iraqis, Syrians or other individuals. ISIS has threatened to topple nations. It has stolen land and committed genocide by murdering Christians, Yazidis and other non-Muslims.

ISIS threatens the freedom of every nation that upholds and enjoys freedom; however, no world leaders believe that freedom is worth fighting for or saving. Nations and governments have attempted to “negotiate” with Islam only to find that it is not Islam that compromises, but nations, its citizens and governments who capitulate to “the religion of peace.”

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Wars are, of course, as a rule to be avoided; but, they are far better than certain kinds of peace.”

The current occupant of the Oval Office has no understanding of the concept of freedom, the sacrifices that must be made for it and the blood that has been shed to defend it. The man occupying the office of the president spent his youth sitting on a couch listening to communist rhetoric, smoking weed and “organizing.” What he expects to accomplish with ISIS is anyone’s guess.

One thing has been established clearly: ISIS does not intend to follow or uphold any agreement negotiated by any nation or government, as evidenced by Hamas, nor does it intend to withdraw its advances. ISIS has waged war and will continue to wage war with all who are against them. It was the same with Hitler.

Obama outlined his “strategy” in regards to ISIS in a statement.

“Let me say it again, American combat troops will not be returning to fight in Iraq. We’ll not allow the United States to be dragged back into another ground war in Iraq …. The answer is not to send in large-scale military deployments that overstretch our military and lead us to occupying countries for long periods of time and end up feeding extremism. Rather our military action in Iraq has to be part of a broader strategy to protect our people and support our partners to take the fight to ISIL.”

Air strikes, authorized by Obama, have rained down upon ISIL in Iraq while surveillance flights have occurred over Syria. What has this done to stop ISIL? What will it do to stop ISIL? Assad has warned the US government against any air strikes targeting ISIS on Syrian soil while the White House refuses to recognize Assad as Syria’s leader. Assad remains the leader of Syria regardless of what the White House recognizes. If Assad refuses to allow the US to enter its territory to fight ISIS, one could surmise it is because Assad believes the US may try to depose him as a leader – a very real concern for Assad. The US did provide arms and support to those fighting against Assad – the jihadis who are now calling themselves ISIS.

“The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on.” – Ulysses S. Grant (1822 – 1885)

The US government, in its infinite wisdom, conducted “coups” against government leaders it deemed “unsatisfactory” in order to install new leadership – Libya, Iraq and Egypt to name a few. In an endeavor to push a constitutional republic upon other nations and their people, the government instituted “actions” that toppled long-running regimes in hopes of replacing it with more “US-like” governments. It was a gross miscalculation and misunderstanding by the US government.

In order for a people to be free, a people must desire freedom and fight for their freedom. It cannot be done for them. As with our Declaration of Independence, “governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers by the governed.” If people of other nations choose to be governed under oppression, that is their choice, whether we like it or not, agree with it or not. The US has not the authority to “choose” the type of government to govern others.

Governments steeped in Islam are not free and never will be. A nation inhabited by a population whose majority make-up is Muslim does not understand the concept of freedom since Islam is an oppressive, totalitarian political system hiding behind religion. They desire not freedom; they desire rule by Sharia. Their mindset cannot be changed by attempting to institute western governmental ideologies upon a people that neither understand it nor desire it.

America is not at war with Iraq. We are not at war with Syria…yet; let’s hope it stays that way. Our enemy now is the savage and barbarous ISIS. Even Iraq has recognized this militant state as threatening to its government. Israel has recognized ISIS and Hamas as a threat for some time. Why is it, then, that the nations of the world refuse to wake up to the reality that ISIS is not unlike the Nazis, threatening not only the country of Iraq and its government, but threatening the entire world, should it gain more of a substantial foothold than it already has?

The so-called wars of Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq were not wars fought like was seen in World War I and World War II. The old adage of “one must pick and choose their battles wisely” was not applied. America attempted to stay out of World War II until we were unceremoniously attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor. President Roosevelt recognized the attack as an act of war. It became prudent for America to respond. But before that incident, Roosevelt recognized the Axis Powers as the enemy of freedom, as did the rest of the world and all Americans.

Nations went to war during World War II with one objective – stop the Axis Powers and Hitler from taking over a great portion of the world. They fought for freedom and the God-given right to exist. Men and nations fought to win. Hitler and his allies were hit hard with everything that every nation who fought against the Axis Powers had and could put on the ground and in the air. The Allied Forces were uncompromising. Hitler was defeated, along with the other powers: but, the sacrifice was great. The sacrifice secured freedom and the right to live for every individual on earth.

There were probably agendas during World War II and World War I. However, most everyone and nation in the world could see the devastation and atrocities that a German ruled Europe, and beyond, would bring. Most everyone and every nation deemed freedom from tyrannical, dictatorial rule a cause worth great sacrifice, regardless of agenda.

Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq were not wars fought for what many considered “just” causes worth great sacrifice. Too much politics, too much agenda and too much holding back for whatever reason. When asking Americans to make great sacrifices, the cause should be “just” and worth the price. If qualifiers are attached – we risk war with this country or those powers if we do more – the sacrifice is then not worth the price. Gains have to be measurable, obtainable and sustainable over the long term. In other words, the opposing force has to be crushed to secure a true, endurable peace.

While Obama proclaims that America is not at war with Islam, it has become evident Islam, through ISIS, proclaims war against the United States, her people and its freedom. ISIS threatens Israel and every nation whose government is not steeped in Islam and strict Sharia rule. The peace that would come with ISIS or the continued skirmishes resembling war would surely be worse than an all out war with clear measurable, attainable, and sustainable objectives. However, the “age of tolerance and political correctness” has bred an unsavory type of pacifism that threatens all semblance of freedom. Representatives of America have cowered and apologized for our support and defense of freedom, marginalizing our exceptionalism, and attempted to cohort and negotiate with those who seek to eradicate liberty, life, and freedom to impose oppression.

No one can say that times were simpler in the era of World War II. What one can say is that Americans trusted their government more then than now. Political gains undermine a clear determination of under what circumstances war should be waged. Hidden agendas and false flags abound. Information is hidden from view while psychological operations are perpetrated every day to gain support for either action or inaction regarding military force. Media outlets are used, purposefully and covertly, to gain support in order to sway the public into demanding a response, which can be either action or inaction. These days, nothing is without an agenda. One can almost bet with the current US sitting government that any “conflict” arising would have some sort of agenda attached, which could possibly include toppling of one regime or government for another.

Because of poor management in past conflicts since World War I and II, Americans have shied away from war. After all, we are at war daily with some sort of vice – illiteracy, drugs, poverty, homelessness, obesity, moral decay, terrorism, illegal invasion, etc. – where we never win, never eradicate the problem and spend countless tax-payer dollars to engage in skirmishes only to end up back at the beginning. Sometimes, America is on the losing end. It is one thing to lose the “wars” on vices; people choose to engage in vices. It is quite another to lose a war to an opposing enemy that threatens freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

America, with the superior military-industrial complex, piddled around in “conflicts” since World War II for political agendas instead of worthy, “just” causes. None of those wars won anything or secured an endurable objective – America withdrew, leaving a legacy of retreat in the wake. American lives wasted; tax-payer dollars squandered. What did it accomplish?

Alas, it all boils down to too much politics, too much agenda, and not a clear picture of what values are worth great sacrifice. One thing that cannot be ignored is that ISIS threatens the United States and her values, along with every world nation which possesses similar values to the US, and even some that do not. The cause is “just” and the sacrifice will be great. However, America has no strong, competent leadership that truly recognizes the enemy in order to define it, strike it, much less to lead the world to defeat it. Islam, ISIS, ISIL and IS is the enemy – its goals are murder the infidel and the rule of the world by Islam. One cannot negotiate or compromise with an enemy who is intent on the murder those unlike them – which means all non-Muslims.

Now, more than ever, America needs to clean up her own house or be prepared to deal with the consequences. The consequences could be seeing the 3% secure and maintain freedom, liberty, life, and justice for all for those who believe “nothing is worse than war” and those in the “decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling” one describes as “political correctness” or “tolerance” against enemies both foreign and domestic.

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