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WARNING: Does This Look Like A Gift That God Would Give? 33-Year-Old Male Nurse In Excellent Health Takes The COVID-19 Vaccine Develops Severe Reaction (Video)

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Published on: January 18, 2021

On the vaccine: “Gift from God” -Nancy Pelosi, President Donald Trump, etc…

With all of the information that is accessible today concerning the history of these criminals that are pushing a vaccine concerning a virus that they cannot prove with a 99.75 recovery rate, it absolutely amazes me to no end that we are still talking about it (Psalm 9:7).

Yet, if the American people, or people from other nations, want to pretend that these men are not evil and wicked who, in fact, have long histories of killing, stealing and destroying just like their father (John 10:10), well then, in the end, the people will suffer on another day another abuse because they continuously tolerate the crimes and schemes of those who they fail to lawfully deal with (Ephesians 4:1; Amos 6:3).

This video spread like fire across social media platforms where a woman’s reaction to one of more than the 400 adverse side effects that these schemers have failed to make known to their victims manifested itself (Luke 12:2).

Volunteers Who Received Pfizers’ COVID-19 Vaccine Develop Bell’s Palsy (Facial Paralysis) – And You Were Told It Was 95% Safe

WARNING: Here is the new video that is now spreading across social media platforms. Again, this one is difficult to watch.

In conclusion: I want you to remember those who are selling you this vaccine as a “miracle from God,” “a gift from God,” etc.

I want you to remember them when watching these videos for who and for what they are.

Friends, these are not gifts from God, these are judgments to the disobedient that refuse to keep the Lord’s commandments in dealing with the corrupt that are ministering these vaccines unto them, period (Deuteronomy 28:63).

If The High Number Of Frontline Health Workers Rejecting The Vaccine Does Not Tell You The Truth Of The Matter, Nothing Will!

Dr. David Martin: They Are “Using The Word Vaccine To Sneak This Under Public Health Exemptions” – This Is NOT A Vaccine! (Video)

You Cannot Pay For This: Nurse Says She Is “Excited” To Get Vaccine On LIVE Television – Passes Out After Receiving It! (Video)

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