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Warning to Whites: You are Hated

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Published on: July 2, 2018

I’ve been warning for the last 28 years, since starting my nonprofit organization, BOND, dedicated to “rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man,” that most black people hate white people. This hate, also promoted by mainstream media, academia and Hollywood, is really a hatred of men, of Christianity, of American freedom, law and order. Whites, especially straight, white, conservative, Christian men of power, tend to hold these values and stand in the way of socialism, globalism and moral decay. Christianity is hated because it says you must repent – admit you are wrong, and be born again.

Whites – liberals and conservatives – have become very weak, having been under attack the past 60-plus years. For some reason, they allowed “people of color” from socialist and communist “s–hole countries” to come here, both legally and illegally, and turn our communities into those countries. These third world people vote against freedom and moral values. They are brainwashed to hate white people and cry “racism” when any whites – liberals or conservatives – disagree with them.

Whites have sacrificed their children to public schools and leftist indoctrination at colleges and universities. Parents have failed to raise their children to be strong and independent, so they are vulnerable to the lies and evil of the world. They become atheists, don’t get married and don’t have families – whites do not even make enough babies to replace the whites dying!

Now the children of Satan pretend to care about illegal alien “children” and “families” – the Wicked Witch of the West, Maxine Waters, calling for harassment, intimidation and violence against President Trump’s cabinet and his supporters. The liberal media think they have the moral high ground, calling the president and his supporters racist Nazis, trying to spark assassinations and civil war. They don’t value human life or morality at all. With their phony “fact checkers,” they deny the truth: that Democrats want open borders, in order to fundamentally transform America, tear down and remake the country in their image.

The children of the lie have destroyed the average black man – he isn’t worth a dime. They’ve done the same to Hispanic men – most of their children are born out of wedlock. Now they’ve turned their hatred toward the white man, taking his children away from him, his job and business away if he defies political correctness, and encouraging boys to grow up weak, soft, unable to deal with “bullies” or issues of life without medication and help from the government. If his child becomes confused about his gender or sexuality, they don’t want parents to have any say or moral guidance in what is right for their own child!

We finally have a breath of relief with the presidency of Donald Trump, the Great White Hope. One man – a straight, white, conservative, Christian man of power – stands against the madness. Through his courage in plainly telling the truth, he is awakening men of all races, and many women, to reality and renewed love for God, country and fellow man.

Every day on my radio show on YouTube and Newsmax TV I receive calls from men around the world, white, black, Hispanic, as well as many women, who returned to their fathers and to common sense. They forgive their mothers who turned them away from their fathers, and so turned them away from God.

Good people of all races are loving our great president.

The left, including the RINO Republicans, see their power slipping away as the president returns it to the people … and so they are desperate to get their power back by any means necessary. They want illegal aliens to get amnesty, to stay here with their supposed “families,” and so due to ill-gotten gain these people will eventually vote for the godless Democratic Party. They’re using communistic tactics, violently attacking Trump supporters, and stirring up anger and victimhood within blind people (“useful idiots”). It’s not because they care about anyone. It’s to get back control over the people.

We have a great opportunity with this president, and I encourage you to love God with all your heart, soul and might, along with nothing else, and love your neighbor as yourself. Then you will have the power and wisdom to fight back and overcome the world, and we can save our country from needless destruction.

If you take no other bit of advice from me, do this: Let go of anger. Take an objective look at our president: So far he has not displayed anger. Many people think he’s angry. But they’re angry, and judging him. He simply has no fear. He will call you out no matter what race or gender you are. He’s from the old school, the tough, logical, masculine men who put up with no mess, and who made our country great.

I encourage everyone to do my Silent Prayer so that you can see and know yourself, and repent and know God. If you want to help save our country, rather than surrender it to evil – if you want to become the strong person you were meant to be, and have a good life – you must renew your mind.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

Article posted with permission from Jesse Lee Peterson

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