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Was John Boehner Forced Out by Conservative “Insurgents?”

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Published on: September 25, 2015

Immediately following Speaker of the House John Boehner’s announcement of his impending resignation, Fox News brought Washington Examiner correspondent David Drucker on to address the political shake-up. Drucker stated that Boehner had “allowed the conservative insurgents to control the debate.”

Think about that for a minute,… now we’re insurgents? Certainly Mr. Drucker is familiar with the definition of the word, or is he? An “insurgency” is defined as a “violent attempt to take control of government.”

So, here we go again! How could those of us who showed up at Tea Party rallies across the country ever possibly forget how the media portrayed American citizens who simply wanted less government as a violent group of racists? There was nothing to support this claim, but that didn’t matter.

Even as we all watched the spectacle that became the Occupy Wall Street movement that actually was filled with violence, at the end of the day it was the Tea Party who wore the black hat. But this is more about the current state of the media than anything else. It is one of the primary reasons that Donald Trump continues to lead the GOP primary polls. David Drucker has once again proven that honesty is no longer part of journalism. To prove my point, here is the Twitter exchange I had with him immediately following his statement on Fox News.


Setting aside the reality of the fact that he did indeed call those of us who think Boehner was a horrible leader insurgents, he felt compelled to deny it. Much like the now infamous “bow” to the Saudi King was caught on video from multiple angles for all to see, the media mocked Americans who believed their own “lying eyes,” as opposed to the administration. The very same administration that to this day continues to deny what is so obvious to many.

So, why do they do it you ask? It’s because they’ve gotten away with it for so long. Too many citizens simply won’t challenge them anymore. Drucker knows this all too well. Even after the initial exchange, he apparently failed to recognize that his own words were right there in his retweet of a screenshot he posted on his feed just minutes after denying that he said it, along with my response.


See, now…that’s weird! Who are you going to believe, Drucker or you’re lying eyes and ears? As for me, I’m going with my eyes and ears. The truly unfortunate thing here is this: Once again, it will be true conservatives who are to blame for Boehner’s demise. Even right leaning media outlets will be quick to pounce on us “crazies,” for the never ending failures of the GOP leadership. Isn’t that just so convenient? The reality here is that the outgoing Speaker of the House showed an amazing ability to accomplish absolutely nothing during his tenure. This is why true conservatives opposed him, nothing more, and nothing less. So as far as John Boehner being forced out by “insurgents,” I think not!

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