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Was The Miami Building Collapse A Controlled Demolition? (Video)

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Published on: June 28, 2021

It’s interesting how eyewitness accounts after an event, like the building collapsing in Miami, are often contradictory to what the Mockingbird media reports to the people.  In fact, in the case of the Miami building collapse, not only did CBS This Morning do an interview with an eyewitness that said he listened to what sounded like crashes of lightning for 30 seconds, and yet, the building feel in about 14.

Dirty Laundry Media produced a short piece on this.  I cut down the video to the relevant portions.

I’ll also note in the comments section that this comment was made.

“As a local, we know this building had people working on it in the days before the take down. And it was taken down.”

Here’s the video.  What do you think?

To reiterate, the gentleman in the above video, expressed the same account later at a press conference.

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