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WATCH: Killer Cop Executes Innocent Man for Standing in the Woods With with a Hatchet

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Published on: December 13, 2022

A bullet between the eyes for standing in the woods with a tool…..

Jacksonville, FL — On the day he was executed with a bullet to the head, Kevin Mahan had committed no crime. He was merely standing in the woods holding a hatchet — an act that millions of folks partake in every weekend while camping. Unfortunately for Mahan, a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Deputy was called to his location that day, and instead of being left alone, that JSO deputy executed him.

Mahan’s execution took place back on April 21, however, body camera was kept from the public until this week.

The deputy who executed Mahan has not been named as it is the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office policy to no longer identify officers involved in a shooting. A court ruling granted officers confidentiality under Marsy’s Law.

Marsy’s Law was started to protect the identity of victims of crimes by recognizing their right to privacy. Recently, however, unscrupulous police departments have been using it as a shield to protect the identity of killer cops. Cops, like the murderer in the video below, use Marsy’s Law to claim victim status in use-of-force cases where they claim the suspect was the aggressor.

While many suspects are the aggressor, Mahan was aggressing against no one and the only aggressive actions taken in his death were by the JSO deputy who put a bullet between his eyes.

According to police, their deputy confronted Mahan that morning after receiving a call about a “mentally ill man.” There was no report of a crime and though the sheriff’s office released Mahan’s previous record to smear him, on the day he was killed, Mahan had committed no crime at all.

The video begins the moment the JSO deputy exits his vehicle. Instead of engaging the man in meaningful conversation that could’ve ended the interaction peacefully, the deputy immediately brandished his pistol and began barking commands. This person could’ve been an innocent camper chopping wood, yet the deputy reacted like he was playing a real-life game of Call of Duty.

“Put the hatchet down!” the officer can be heard in the video yelling commands at Mahan.

“Listen man, don’t…” says Mahan.

“Put the ax down!” the officer shouted.”Man, listen bro…” were Mahan’s last words as he was killed a split second later for attempting to engage in a conversation with a JSO deputy.After executing Mahan, the deputy appears to be excited about his recent kill and begins running around the scene in a sadistic celebratory fashion.Former JSO Police Detective, Kim Varner, was interviewed by First Coast News about the killing and he flat-out stated that it was not necessary.”I’ll speak just for me. I can’t speak for that officer and why he did what he did,” Varner said, who has nearly 30 years with JSO. “If it was me I would’ve held him at bay until I had some backup arrive.”

Unfortunately, that never happened and a man who may have needed mental health help was executed — his killer protected by pretending he’s the victim.

Imagine the audacity it takes to claim victim status after putting a bullet in a man’s head from 30 feet away for holding a tool in the woods. Nevertheless, that is exactly what happened and the officer in the video below is still on regular duty and has not faced so much as a write-up.

Article posted with permission from Matt Agorist

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