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Watergate Reporter: FBI & CIA “Need To Be Investigated” For Handling Of Dossier

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Published on: April 22, 2019

It’s interesting that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) would call the Mueller Report “worse than Watergate,” and at the same time, an actual Watergate reporter, Bob Woodward, says that it’s not the Trump administration that needs investigating, but the FBI and CIA for how they handled what is not a debunked and politically contrived dossier.

House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Adam Schiff continues to pushes lies that he fabricates in his own head after the Mueller report was released.  In other words, he just can’t let it go.

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“Well, I think it’s clear from the Mueller report that that’s exactly right,” Schiff told ABC News.  ” The obstruction of justice in particular in this case is far worse than anything that Richard Nixon did. The — the break-in by the Russians of the Democratic institutions, a foreign adversary far more significant than the plumbers breaking into the Democratic headquarters.”

Notice that Schiff never mentions the Obama administration’s clear violation of the Constitution, how the Hillary Clinton campaign funded the debunked dossier or the fact that he has zero evidence for his claims.

“So yes, I would say in every way this is more significant than Watergate,” he added.  “And the fact that a candidate for president and now president of the United States would not only not stand up and resist Russian interference in our election but would welcome it goes well beyond anything Nixon did.”

Again, notice how he didn’t reference that then usurper of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, didn’t stand up to alleged Russian interference either.

“The fact that the president of the United States would take Putin’s side over his own intelligence agencies go well beyond anything Richard Nixon did,” Schiff continued.  “So yes, I think it is far more serious than Watergate.”

Well, Schiff can pontificate all he likes in an attempt to make himself look good in spite of that bewildered, deranged look he has in his eyes, but Bob Woodward, who actually covered Watergate, sees things quite different.

On Sunday, during and interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, Woodward said that the FBI and CIA needed to be investigated due to their handling of the Steele dossier and the fact that is was never verified and presented as fact in order to obtain a warrant to spy on a US citizen running for the presidency.

“What I found out recently, which was really quite surprising, the dossier, which really has got a lot of garbage in it and Mueller found that to be the case, early in building the intelligence community assessment on Russian interference, in an early draft, they actually put the dossier on page two in kind of a breakout box,” said Woodward.

“I think it was the CIA pushing this. Real intelligence experts looked at this and said no, this is not intelligence, this is garbage and they took it out,” added Woodward.

“But in this process, the idea that they would include something like that in one of the great stellar intelligence assessments, as Mueller also found out, is highly questionable,” Woodward continued.  “Needs to be investigated.”

Here’s what I say, we’ve had enough money and time wasted in investigations.  We know what went on with the past investigations into these matters and we know the CIA and the FBI mishandled, misrepresented and flat out were weaponized by the Obama Administration to unlawfully target a US citizen.

Let’s get beyond the investigations and get on with the indictments, shall we?

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