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Wausau Wisconsin Bans Snowballs In Interest Of Public Safety

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Published on: December 5, 2019

Ignorance can be corrected with education, if someone is willing.  Some individuals choose to remain ignorant, meaning they do not want to be educated.  Both of these issues are totally different from stupidity.  Stupidity cannot be corrected with education and those who are stupid don’t improve with education.  When it comes to the city council and Mayor Robert B. Mielke of Wausau, Wisconsin, stupid doesn’t begin to describe these individuals.  You see, in the city of Wausau, it is illegal to throw snowballs.  Yes, snowballs.  The quintessential winter fun for children, throwing snowballs, is illegal.

Breitbart News reported:

Wisconsin may be a winter wonderland this time of year, but for those in the town of Wausau who plan on fashioning the freshly fallen snow into snowballs to hurl at other people, you can forget it.

The town of Wausau, Wisconsin, has outlawed the throwing of snowballs, “in the interest of public safety.”

“No person shall throw or shoot any object, arrow, stone, snowball or other missile or projectile, by hand or by any other means, at any other person,” says the Wausau municipal code, under the “Weapons” heading in the section dealing with “Peace, Safety, and Morals.”

“It’s really in the interest of public safety,” Wausau Mayor Robert B. Mielke told WCCO.
“A lot of it is just consideration and common sense. You don’t throw stuff at people, period.”

Mielke says that the proposal to ban snowballs was brought forth years ago, after some issues developed involving projectiles. However, police told WCCO that they could not recall issuing a fine for the throwing of a snowball.

The ordinance specifies that snowballs cannot be thrown “at, in or into any building, street, sidewalk, alley, highway, park, playground or other public place within the city.”

Are some people taking safety a bit too far?  Snowballs?  Really?

Look at the ordinance.  The entire city is almost a “gun-free zone.”  And now, throwing snowballs on public property at someone else can get you cited.  No more can kids engage in a harmless snowball fight at school, in the park, on the playground or other public property with their friends and family.  Neither can the “big” kids.

“You don’t throw stuff at people, period,” says Mayor Robert Mielke.  Generally, yes, but snowballs?  It makes one wonder who spit in his Cheerios.  Maybe, someone threw a snowball at Mielke for being stupid and he didn’t like it.  Along with Mielke, the entire city council has “thrown a rod” into the “engine block” that is firing seven cylinders short of eight.  Simply, the city of Wausau has several loose nuts behind the steering wheel.  But, as the old saying goes, for each person blessed with a spark of genius, there are hundreds more with ignition problems.  Those hundreds appear to reside in Wausau and some sit on the city council.

Since this ordinance made it on the books several years ago, one can imagine the city has very little crime or other means of revenue, aka extortion through ridiculous fines by law enforcement, which caused the snowball ordinance.

One has to wonder who complained about getting hit with a snowball or who didn’t like kids engaging in snowball fights in low/no traffic neighborhoods.  The Wausau police can’t recall fining someone for throwing a snowball.  And, there is no indication if the snowball contained a harmful object inside it when the proposal was made.

Winter snowy weather will be a bit busier for the Wausau police because they will be looking to “cash in” on all those kids engaging in snowball fights on public property.  While kids can’t be held accountable for knowing city ordinances, their parents sure can.  Poor kids.  Imagine the looks on some of their faces when they find out that throwing snowballs is subject to a fine by law enforcement.  How many residents of the city actually know about the “snowball” ordinance?

It sounds like it’s time for a little civil disobedience in Wausau, Wisconsin.

If it’s in the “interest of public safety” and a matter of “consideration and common sense”, it would stand to reason that baseballs, softballs, and any “ball” used in the game of Dodge Ball would need to be banned on public property, including schools.  Who can forget football?  Since you don’t throw “stuff” at people, football certainly would be in violation – footballs are projectiles because of the shape.  Nixing football anywhere could cause the collapse of civilization as we know it.  But, with Wausau falling to the anti-constitutionalist “snowflakes”, civilization is certainly suffering a setback.

Forget Lacrosse, Jai Alai, hockey, and basketball.  After all, you don’t throw stuff at people, period.  Top on the list to include in the city ordinance should be spitballs.  Those things certainly are dangerous.  But, you don’t throw those at people.  Maybe a piece of paper covered in lots of spit hurled through a straw isn’t “stuff” worth worrying about.

Don’t worry though;  soccer is safe according to the ordinance.

If there’s a way to kill fun, leave it to anti-constitutionalists to find it.  They certainly did in Wausau.  While it probably would not be appreciated, the city council and mayor could use a little bit of advice – stop throwing your weight around because it’s just plain considerate and common sense that you don’t throw stuff at people, period.  In the case of the mayor, it could be considered a “public safety issue”.

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