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We Cannot Trust the “Science”

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Published on: June 18, 2021

Some people who I care about very much are considering taking the experimental Covid Vaccine. Some people I care about very much have already taken it. This breaks my heart as some of these people’s well being is more important to me than my own. If they have taken the experimental shot or do take the experimental shot, their future health is unknown. This terribly grieves me. I have no idea if or when they could die from what they have done. Even sadder is that they do not understand what they have done, and the health problems they could have in the future.

People may say: “You said ‘could have.’  That does not say they will have health problems.” I do not dispute that.  That is my point, people do not know. We do know many people have been hurt and have died from the experimental shot. The only way we will know that one of my friends will not get prion disease, is if my friend is not in a memory care facility or dead in the coming years. Maybe he gets it in 1 year or 5 years, there are no studies proving he will not get prion disease from the experimental shot. We have no long term studies on any of the numerous problems people can get. They are not even tracking things in a way to know what they need to know.

Many doctors say they do not pay any attention to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) because they say it is unreliable. They think that proves the experimental shot is safe because they can claim the reports of vaccine injuries are unreliable. It actually proves that the experimental shot is unsafe. If they are not tracking the damage the experimental shot does in a reliable manner, they do not know what the damage the experimental shot is doing. However, there have been more deaths reported for the experimental shot than all other vaccines combined in the last 30 years. In the history of vaccines, they have always stopped the vaccines from being used long before the deaths approached this level.

When it comes to the Covid issue, I have written numerous articles in the last year. Depending how I count them, I’ve written probably more than 50 articles. I do not just pull things out of my hat for these articles. I have probably read at least 700 articles in medical journals and other sources. I have also listened to hundreds of hours of lectures, by numerous doctors about COVID and the experimental shot. As an Emergency Medical Technician, I have gone to many hours of training about medical issues. My goal has been to use my training and research to take complicated things and present them to people in an understandable way.

Some people may wonder why I would devote so much time to this. I have multiple reasons, but I will give you one of the biggest reasons. Over 33 years ago, my son died of pneumonia. He died when he was 11 months old. I know what it is like to stare into the casket of your child and wish you could have somehow saved them. When COVID first hit, we had no idea how many people might die. I had to wonder how many people might be losing a child to COVID. I wondered if I would be called as an Emergency Medical Technician to try and keep those kids alive. I wanted to know everything I could about COVID so that I could help people. I did not want anyone to die. Thankfully, very few people died and COVID turned out to be similar to the flu.

Unfortunately, our response to COVID has been more dangerous than COVID. I know of kids that have killed themselves because of the misery caused by our government’s failed reaction to COVID. So, instead of preventing death, they caused death. As a parent who had to watch my son die, I understand those parents’ agony. The problem is the worst may be yet to come. We have no idea how many people will die from the experimental shot. More than 5000 deaths have been reported, but as I previously said, our government does not care enough to accurately track the deaths from the experimental shot.

I can only imagine the agony of standing before your child’s casket, and having to accept that giving them the experimental shot may have killed them. “Safe and effective” will be a very painful thing to say to these people. “Trust the science” will also will be a very painful thing to say to these people. I guarantee you, if I have to stand before another one of my child’s caskets, “safe and effective” is not going to ease my suffering. When you have a child die, when you finally get a chance to have another child, you cherish them more than anyone can comprehend. When you understand what it is like without them, you appreciate them more than anyone can know. Words cannot describe it. That is why the recklessness of the experimental shot is so egregious. The pain they are causing is staggering. They are causing pain beyond people’s comprehension.

As to “safe and effective,” the people claiming it should not be believed. They have a history of hurting people with deception. Watch the documentary titled” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>1986 The Act (Andrew Wakefield Documentary and Film.)

I watched this and even though I am very informed, I learned a lot. I am not going to go into the details of the documentary, as everyone reading this article needs to watch it, and they need to watch it more than once, as there is a lot of information that you need to know.

What we know from the documentary is the pharmaceutical industry is horribly corrupt and this corruption has caused them to have a lot of money and power. The pharmaceutical industry has used this money and power to corrupt doctors, judges, members of Congress and many government workers and agencies. This corruption makes the words “safe and effective” or “trust the science” nothing more than manipulation tactics by corrupt people. The problem is this: If people believe them, they can end up with serious medical problems. I know I have seen people with the blood clots and seizures. It was a horrible sight to see. It is very sad to know that these medical people will give up a medical career because of the damage caused by an experimental shot they were forced to take. They were forced to take the experimental shot so they could keep their medical career, and now they are too sick to work. I cannot stress the point enough, real people are being hurt. These are human beings. They are more than a number. Their suffering is real.

If we are going to trust the science we should listen to multiple scientists. Dr. Robert Hodkinson is a brilliant scientist.  I have watched 2 interviews he has been in. One was by Anna Brees and it was an excellent interview. The other was by Del Big Tree on his show The Highwire in which Del interviewed Dr. Hodkinson and other guests. Del has interviewed numerous brilliant doctors and not only do they not trust the science, they explain the problems with the so-called science.

We have a huge problem. The problem is people are viewing this as something to argue about. The reality is that the experimental shot has and can hurt people. Thinking that will not be them will not protect anyone. Censoring the information is only going to make matters worse. When people figure out that their child died and someone hid the information that could have warned them, get ready to see some very angry people. What the result of that anger will be, no one knows.

At the end of the interview on The Highwire, Dr. Hodkinson tells Del that at the end of this, there will be blood in the streets. I believe Dr. Hodkinson. If people think they can force parents to allow their children to receive an experimental shot, and then escape the consequences of any harm that experimental shot causes, they are terribly mistaken. These parents are going to be angry. What these parents are going to do is as unknown as the damage the experimental shot will cause. The one thing I do know is that it won’t be pretty.

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