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Westerners Flock to Middle East to Wage Jihad

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Published on: September 1, 2014

Every day the mainstream media is now reporting on the growing number of Muslims from the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia who are flocking to the Middle East to wage jihad. After largely ignoring it for years, they are finally reporting about this, but continue to dissemble and deceive about the motive.

Longtime readers of my website, Atlas Shrugs (, have long known about American Muslims flocking to Somalia, Syria and Iraq to wage bloody jihad in the cause of Islam. If you weren’t reading Atlas Shrugs or Jihad Watch, and instead were getting your non-news from the corrupt and complicit media giants like the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CNN et al, you wouldn’t have a clue about this phenomenon.

But with the death of a number of American Muslims fighting for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (two in just the past couple of days: Douglas MacArthur McCain, to whom the media never refer by his Muslim name, Duale Khalid; and Abdirahmaan Muhumed), the enemedia could no longer ignore it.

What will the media blame it on? Bullying in the schoolyard? Not enough entitlements? No, this time it’s the old tired mishmash of “disaffected,” “lost direction,” “no hope in life,” “vulnerable” young men. What utter insulting garbage. As if anything would drive me or you to chop someone’s head off with a six-inch knife, force people – under penalty of death – to convert to my religion, blow up houses of worship that weren’t mine, etc.

It’s Islam. Say it.

Thirteen years after Sept. 11 and we are still bowing to the blasphemy laws under the Shariah?

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books.

Brian Ross of ABC News did a piece on this: “American Terror Pipeline: Nearly a Dozen From Twin Cities Gone to Fight in Syria.” Ross reported: “In addition to the American rapper from Minneapolis recently killed in the bloody fighting in Syria, nearly a dozen former residents of Minnesota’s Twin Cities have left their homes to take up arms with extremist rebel groups in the Middle Eastern nation, U.S. officials told ABC News.”

It is good that Ross reported on that. But there is so much more. Here are the questions Brian Ross and his “investigative” team didn’t ask in this news story.

  • What mosque are these jihadists attending?
  • Who is their imam?
  • Are these mosques being monitored?
  • Should terror mosques be shut down?
  • How is the Obama administration tracking American jihadis?
  • Why is there an outrageous loophole allowing these mass murderers to return to the United States after fighting for the Islamic State in the Middle East?
  • What are the Muslim organizations and communities doing to fight jihad?
  • What programs have Muslim organizations and mosques instituted to combat this?
  • What is being done to expunge Islam of the Quranic texts and teachings that command jihad, Jew-killing, hatred of the non-believer, misogyny, etc.?
  • What programs are currently being offered at schools and universities to deprogram, denounce Islamic jihad and the bloody, unfathomable toll it has taken on humanity?

Ross should have reported on why it is not surprising at all that Muslims in the West would express support for the Islamic State. The idea of a caliphate transcending national allegiance goes back to the beginning of Islamic history. Western analysts are surprised by this because they have discounted Islamic theology as a motivating factor for jihadis, and don’t understand the implications of the jihadis’ attachment to Islam.

The FBI is way behind the curve in other ways as well. USA Today reported Saturday that “the FBI’s Minneapolis bureau is looking into reports that a second American citizen from the area was killed fighting with the Islamic State as it works to find out whether the group is actively recruiting Muslims in the Twin Cities region.”

Minnesota Muslims have been flocking to jihad wars (i.e. SomaliaKenya) for years and the FBI is only looking into it now? Pure Obama. He has been taking his marching orders from Muslim Brotherhood goons. And the FBI should not just be looking at Islamic State recruiting. It should be looking at all jihad recruiting, and not just Minneapolis, but all across the U.S. But Obama insisted that all counter-terror materials be scrubbed of jihad and Islamic doctrine, so this is going to be the blind leading the deaf.

A number of parents and concerned members of the Muslim community spoke to this very thing at Peter King’s hearings on Islamic jihad. King was derided. The parents and community members who spoke were attacked by Muslim Brotherhood Rep. Hakim Muhammad (aka Keith Ellison) and jihadist Muslim Brotherhood groups like CAIR. In CAIR’s “Legislating Fear” report, they devote an entire section to Rep. Peter King’s “anti-Muslim” hearings.

Meanwhile, the same willful ignorance is pandemic all over the West. Britain just raised its terror threat level to “severe,” and is on alert about battle-hardened British jihadis returning from Iraq and Syria. This is the same Britain that banned me from speaking there. They have banned voices in the defense of freedom and allowed imams and Muslims in support of jihad to recruit and speak in the cause of Islam. This is the very threat I would have spoken about. They banned it.

What did they expect to happen?

There will come a day that these Muslims in both the U.K. and the U.S. won’t travel for jihad. They will wage it in their host countries. Hundreds, perhaps thousands (who knows?), of American Muslims are fighting for the Islamic State in the Middle East. Only in Obama’s America are these jihad savages welcomed back to our shores – Rep. Frank Wolf, R-VA., has just introduced a bill that would bar them from returning. This must be passed, as a national security measure.

Another Islamic attack on Sept. 11 after New York and Washington, D.C., and Benghazi seems so obviously imminent, and there’s no doubt: It’s coming. Unless Wolf’s bill is quickly passed, it could easily come from jihadis returning from Iraq and Syria. The question is, who or what will Obama blame this time? “Workplace violence”? “Man-made disaster”? The tea party?

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