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What Are You Fighting For? Woman Gives Epic Independence Day Speech The MSM Will Never Air! – Trust Me You’ll Want To Hear This! (Video)

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Published on: July 8, 2020

As we celebrated Independence Day, I wondered how many real Americans spoke the truth while they were around others and how many stepped out to defy tyranny and address their government for a redress of grievances.  Well, I know at the Sons of Liberty we did, but there was one woman who had a brief 5-minute speech to address what is going on in our country and I think this is not only worth writing about, but going viral across social media.  Her name is Lucretia Hughes.

Lucretia posted her short 4th of July speech and here it is.  Take it in.  It’s powerful!

With her hands held towards Heaven, Lucretia prayed a portion of the Lord’s prayer and then unleashed some truth bombs to her audience.

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Now, there are a few things I disagreed with Lucretia on, but in the main, she is spot on!  Here’s a partial transcript of the first half of her speech.

Right now, we’re in a spiritual war.  We’re in a battle of good versus evil.  It’s not Democratic, it’s not Republican.  This is not about gays, it’s not about straight people, but it’s like the people that loves America and that wants to stop stuff that we do; and that is the love for our nation and the love for our country and the love of our God no matter if it’s our history, good or bad.

We’re up against that right now.  Ya’ll told me that that was 400 deep at Stone Mountain trying to take down something that our forefathers gave us and now they’re dispersed into our damned society and it’s a suburbia to stop stuff like this.

We can no longer allow them to tell us apart and we cannot walk in fear!  We cannot sit here in front amongst ourselves when we’re fighting a greater enemy and it’s not invisible because it’s played as hand.

That is the new world order.  That is every Rhino, Democrat and cry no that hates people like us.  You know we’re not supposed to come together, but we supposed to crash and burn as they’re making us stay at our houses.  We’re supposed to lay down and not fight back when they are giving us overbearing damn groups!

Enough is enough!  Instead of living in fear because of some damn threats!  My mama didn’t raise a weakling and I have the Second Amendment to back me up.

I’m not gonna take any threats against my nation anymore, and I’m not gonna take some threats against people I’m supposed to love because the color of their damn skin!

I’m here for the red, white and blue, and no matter who you are or where you come from, I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, but if you love this nation, I’m supposed to be your sister not fighting against you. 

Just because you want money and power, I want freedom for my grandchildren.

Just because you want our nation to fall, I wanted to strive because I don’t want to be late Josey trying to find another place to go because we have no other place to go!

This is the last point! No matter if it’s in Georgia, no matter if it’s in Texas and no matter if it’s in damn Alaska, we gotta fight back against the powers that be.

There’s no reason why that we need to have our sheriff watching our backs even though they’re supposed to while they’re being attacked.

I wish there were more men and women who spoke passionately about these matters as Lucretia and were willing to back them up with more than words!  For the time is coming when we are going to be out of words and there will be absolutely nothing to do but to act. We need words plus actions, now!


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