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What Do the Countries Turning Away Muslim Refugees Know that We are Ignoring?

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Published on: September 16, 2015

You see pictures of thousands and thousands of refugees coming over the mainstream media feeds. Mothers and children, families, oh the humanity of it all. Wait! Look closer. It’s more like a 12 to 1 ratio men to women and children. Tons and tons of men “fleeing.”

My first thought was… cowards? Did these “men” leave their country and their families behind to save their butts? Perhaps there are that many single men in the Muslim nations? Then I wondered, why didn’t they stay and fight? Fight for their families, their homeland, their dignity? If they just got together, they would outnumber the ISIS fighters 100 to 1! Why don’t they fight for what’s theirs?

Then a very sinister thought came to mind (being a Republican I guess those are the only kind I can have, right?). What if all those men coming over had an ulterior motive? What if this is a Trojan horse scenario? You know, like what’s happening on our southern border?

What if these thousands and thousands of “refugees” coming over simply want to create havoc in Europe? OK OK, my mind is racing out of control. It’s Sunday. I’ll go to church, come back refreshed, and take another look at this.

Now I heard on the radio on the way home from church, and then checked that interweb thing when I got back home. Guess what? I was correct!

ISIS flags are being found among refugees. Not enough? A captured ISIS smuggler confessed to bringing in over 4,000 ISIS fighters! How? Well, the Turkish border is over 550 miles long and is almost never guarded.

While authorities are checking in the refugees and keeping peace in the cities, the borders and other avenues into Europe are poorly guarded or completely unguarded.

Picture after picture now shows these “refugees” coming in and fighting with authorities, beating the police with ISIS flag poles!

The Germans are floored! They can’t believe this is happening? One terrorist, posing as an “asylum seeker,” was arrested in Germany after he was found to be in possession of boxes of fake Syrian passports for use by ISIS terrorists in Europe!

Hungary has matched pictures of “refugees” and “ISIS terrorists” on the internet. This is insane!

ISIS is telling those in the Middle East that ALL will be under Sunni rule, so convert or leave before we get there. So what do they do? They run! But why not stay and fight? Why not arm yourselves and defeat them? Maybe, it’s because the U.S. and others don’t come through for them? They have no one to trust to help them. Nevertheless, shouldn’t they fight for their homeland and family?

Christians help Christians. Jews help Jews. Why aren’t Islamic communities helping each other out? Why are they running to communities who are not fundamentally Muslim?

Kuwait has accepted 7. This is not a typo. That’s right, Kuwait has only accepted 7 (seven) refugees! United Arab Emirates has accepted 16 and Saudi Arabia only 4. If this isn’t a red flag, I don’t know what is. But the Saudis have said they would build hundreds of mosques in Germany to accommodate the influx (aren’t they generous?). All the while, they are putting up a 900-kilometer razor wire fence along their border! But they won’t take in their own? What do they know that we are ignoring?

French Police are searching for terrorists among the refugees in the town of Calais. The Mayor there has asked the Brits to open the borders so the refugees can freely pass to England. Really?

Why don’t they want them? Aren’t the French a caring, loving people? Or do they know something we are ignoring?

Germany gave up trying to protect the border a few days ago, saying it was futile and that they would find a way to cope. Then Angela Merkel came out and said they would take up to 800,000 and encouraged other EU nations to help. Right, because the EU is so financially stable and can handle the influx? There are already people out of work in these countries and tensions are starting to rise between the nationals and the refugees over who is going to get jobs when they became available.

Don’t these so-called “experts” in these government administrations see what’s happening and, possibly worse, what could happen?

While writing this, Germany figured out they can’t handle it. They have reinstituted border control measures. The EU, all 28 countries, are also rethinking this program. Many of the countries don’t want to take any refugees. What do they know that we are ignoring?

I understand everyone wants to help “refugees” and wants to make sure no more kids wash up on shores. But doesn’t security to the greater good mean anything to anyone?

We have millions of illegals, yes, illegals in this country. Look at the strain on our financial system, in our job market, and in our schools. Europe is already on a very shaky fiscal foundation. Is there any doubt they will look to us for financial help when they tank after this?

Those of you who keep asking why we are involved in the affairs of other countries, will you be asking the same here or will you want us to get involved?

Will you at least allow us to “vet” these “refugees” to make sure they are actually refugees and not terrorists?

This is another failure waiting to be ratified by this administration.


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