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What Donald Trump Has That Others Don’t

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Published on: July 27, 2015

“The report of my death was an exaggeration.” – Mark Twain

The media have circled Donald Trump like a kettle of vultures ever since he blasted Mexico at his campaign kickoff event over a month ago. After every smackdown of another opponent, they claim Trump’s political future will soon be dead.

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

Yet he continues to soar high above the crowd. A new Economist/YouGov poll released on Friday showed Trump gaining support in the last week, despite a controversy over challenging Sen. John McCain’s status as a “war hero.”

What the experts didn’t calculate is that the post-Vietnam John McCain – the one Trump is hammering – is not popular with the America people.

McCain’s close friend, presidential candidate Lindsey Graham, called Trump “the world’s biggest jackass” on CBS’ “This Morning.” Trump responded by announcing at a rally that Graham begged him for money and a reference to appear on “Fox and Friends,” and then he read off the senator’s cell phone number to the crowd.

Trump has made similar work of many of his rival candidates. He said of Hillary Clinton, “She’s the worst secretary of state in our country’s history.”

He ripped ex-Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s record on border security, and said Perry “put on glasses so people think he’s smart.” Perry didn’t take kindly to those comments, declaring Trump’s campaign a “barking carnival act.”

Trump is despised by the Republican Party establishment. The New York Times reported that members of the GOP establishment actually floated a plan to keep him off the stage for the first GOP debate Aug. 6 in Cleveland.

He continues to buzz through the media, telling CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “People don’t trust you,” and slamming Telemundo reporter Jose Diaz-Balart at a press conference for misquoting him about illegals.

Trump’s enemies disparage him as a “blowhard” and an “egomaniac,” say he’s hurting the Republican brand (I think they’ve damaged it enough themselves!), and imply he’s a racist. But all of this is a dodge – it’s not the real reason they hate him.

They hate him because he’s acting like men acted in an earlier time, before they started shaving their body hair, apologizing for their beliefs and crying on national TV shows. Trump’s presence is highly embarrassing to feminized men and men-hating women in the media and “sophisticated” political circles.

There’s an undeniable “Trump Effect” in the air now, emboldening Americans. This makes the elites nervous. Other candidates have stepped up their game. All of a sudden, things are possible that didn’t seem that way just a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately for Trump’s enemies, he has real attributes that have made him wildly successful. He’s discussed these qualities in his books.

In his business classic, “The Art of the Deal,” Trump explained the huge impact his father had on him, giving him the confidence he needed to succeed in the world.

In “Think Big and Kick A– in Business and Life,” Trump further discusses some of these attributes he’s now using to befuddle his opponents:

  • “Too many people have stopped trusting their instincts. They cut off a natural sense that we are all born with.”
  • “Everyone who does anything is criticized. Expect it. Listen to it. Then dismiss it. I’ve been criticized for everything I’ve ever done. I do not let it get to me. … Do not let it stop you. Speak up and stand out.”
  • “I like to go against the tide.”
  • “When you are attacked publicly, always strike back.” Ask Rick Perry and Lindsey Graham about this one.
  • “Don’t think about how you can make money. Instead, think about what you can produce or what service you can offer that is valuable and useful to people and your community. … And most important, what will you have fun doing?” Unexpected, wise advice.

I asked my radio crew recently if they had the “Trump” personality. This kind of personality is God-given, but most lose it when their fathers fail to guide them properly, and their mothers take out their anger toward their fathers on their children, especially their sons. The difference between Trump and most is – I believe – his father’s positive influence.

This column is not an endorsement of Donald Trump’s campaign. It’s an endorsement of the manly qualities of old.

At BOND, we have been fortunate to be able to positively influence many young people, especially young men. See my recent interview with Christian, a man who changed his life and started his own business through our encouragement.

See our video with Jarvis, an ex-gang member who was shot four times, left the gang, went to work, got married and never looked back.

And see my interview with my nephew, Tony, who has started successful businesses in Gary, Indiana, of all places! Tony was shot nine times, with no bullet hitting bone or tendon – a miraculous occurrence.

We are helping to bring back a country filled with men who have the “Trump personality” – strong, committed to truth, hardworking, self-motivated – just like the men of old. Critics need to learn from Donald Trump – and not allow jealousy to destroy them.





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